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The Houses and Guilds of Sidleterra

Identity is a part of all role-play and our heroes have many ways to classify themselves. The main two ways heroes select their identities is through their Guilds and their Houses. Guilds are the professions and training paths the heroes take; Houses are the groupings that heroes select based on their own beliefs. A hero can join all Guilds but only one House.

There are four main Guilds: Fighters, Mages, Alchemists, and Healers

Fighters’ Guild – Though every hero knows how to hold and swing a simple weapon, the Fighters’ Guild prides itself on the ability to train heroes how to use weapons efficiently and effectively. In the Fighters’ Guild, heroes can learn and advance their ranks in combat abilities including: Parry, Disarm, Maim, and Stun. Fighters’ guild members must be ready to go on defensive marches, training missions, and monster hunts to learn their abilities. Heroes can also learn endurance through the Fighter’s Guild and advance the number of stamina points they have. Legends tell of other abilities taught by former Fighters’ Guild members including the most powerful of abilities…Slay.

Mages’ Guild – The secrets to spell casting and protection from enemy spells can only be learned by membership into this Guild. Mages must learn to identify and collect various spell components some of which can take days to be properly enchanted. Then, they must learn the incantations for their spells normally found only in Latin. Finally, Mages must then combine their ingredients into spell packets that are tuned for and selected by the individual mage. Mages can learn a variety of spells including: Lightning, Root, Spell Shield, and Sleep. Mages must be willing to look for components guarded by monsters, speak to powerful creatures, and research in ancient libraries to learn their abilities. There are stories of powerful Mages who have learned to combine their spells with weapons but surely these are just stories…

Alchemists’ Guild – The Alchemists’ Guild specializes in creating toxins, traps, and potions by using their advanced understanding of chemistry and the natural elements of the world around them. They create solutions and reactions which produce tools for use in battles unlike any other weapon. They must be sharp in intellect and patient with their research. They specialize in a style of problem solving that may frustrate other guilds. Not every monster can simply be taken down with a sword or spell. That’s why the Alchemists are so vital to the quest.

Healers’ Guild – The Healers’ Guild are the most respected members of any society as they are preservers of life. The Healers’ Guild will teach you how to protect living heroes, heal injured heroes, and return lost heroes to their lives. Healers must gather and prepare ingredients for a wide number of potions, and they must also master healing magic to cast powerful protective spells. Healers can learn a number of abilities including: Tend, Heal, Regenerate, and Restore. Healers must be prepared to search out the rarest of ingredients, must collect components from deadly creatures, and risk life and limb for others. Every day new ingredients and components are discovered…what will be the next potion discovered?

There are Six Main Houses: The First Swords, The Defenders, The Silver Citadel, The Servants of the Woodland Realm, The House of Stefan the Black, and The Seekers

The First Swords – “First to fight!” The First Swords are a House of action. There are the frontlines of Sidleterra, and some of it’s strongest fighters. Heroes who want to seek out a fight, and are willing to fight foes that most others would find ways to avoid will be drawn to this house. The House founder, Adamus Stoutheart, embodies his houses philosophy and fights on to this very day. Their symbol is crossed swords. Their power is “First Strike”: once per day they can form a circle around an enemy and strike as one while declaring their power to do untold amount of damage to any single foe.

The Defenders – “Shields up, Guards ready!” The Defenders are the protectors of all who fight for Sidleterra. They are the second line of attack and first line of defense. When you need to fall back, it is the defenders who will be there to catch you. A strong mix of defensive strategies and offensive measures, this house will draw a wide variety of heroes but needs those that are compassionate and willing to put others before themselves. The House founder has not stepped forward in years and Adamus’s son, Egan Stoutheart, has taken up the banner in years past. Their symbol is a shield and fist. They possess the Heart of Sidleterra, granting them brief moments of invincibility.

The Silver Citadel – “The Vigil Never Ends.” Steadfast and observant, the Silver Citadel scout for information and knowledge. They are tacticians who gather intelligence before acting; they see what others miss. Logical and clever heroes alike are drawn to this house, and they will find a mixture of brains and brawn to be very useful. Not much is known about the founder of this house, some say that they are still gathering information to this day. Their symbol is a single rook tower. Their special power is “Reveal”: once per day they can place an object in a special Library book, and the next day read the object’s “memories” of the last 24 hours.

The Servants of the Woodland Realm – “The Woodland calls, The Servants answer.” Kind and fiercely loyal, the Servants are the protectors of wood and earth, sea and sky. Heroes who are compassionate and can see beyond surface appearances to the heart of creatures fill this house. They believe in harming no one and nothing that cannot be avoided, but will do whatever it takes to protect life. Their founder is said to wander the woods healing the world. Their symbol is an acorn and leaf. Their power is “Speak with Nature”: the Servants are able to comprehend any creature that can make sounds as long as they are the only house near the creature.

The House of Stefan the Black – “For The Greater Good, By Any Means.” Clever and creative, the House of Stefan believes that there are many solutions and weighs each on equally. Whether it is negotiating with the enemy or breaking common conventions to the shock of those around them, the House of Stefan will get things done however they can. Heroes who are not shy of taking chances or of questioning what really is right and wrong, will find themselves drawn into this house. A friend of Adamus and the original founders, Stefan the Black broke rank with his fellows, and was seen as a traitor for many years until his actions were finally justified in time. But whether wishing to forgive or condemn Stefan, no one has been able to find this person in some time. Their symbol is a black raven. Their power is to “Question”: Once per day the heroes make ask a question as a group, leave it in the Book of Stefan, and it will be answered.

The House of the Seekers – “You Don’t See Us, We See You!” Bright-eyed and curious, the Seekers are a House that formed out of necessity. Their minds are too open, too inquisitive to settle on any one answer. Thus, the Seekers were formed to give those questioning heroes a voice and a home. The House of the Seekers is invitation only and carries much responsibility. On top of helping protect and preserve Sidleterra, they must “seek” their place in the world. Their power is to adopt any House power at the start of the day as long as the vote is unanimous in the Seekers. They lose that adopted power at the end of every day and must seek anew!

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