Genein M. Letford, M.Ed

Meghan S. Gardner, CEO

Adaptive Readiness for Culture (ARC)
Keynotes, Workshops, and Training

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Our Adaptive Readiness for Culture (ARC) program is a brain based training program that develops cultural competence while strengthening creative thinking skills. Creativity is now the #1 skill needed in the workforce and military and this workforce is now global.

Executive Intercultural Creative Coaching: Individual and group coaching for mid to senior leaders needing skills to navigate and lead cultural experiences with a creative perspective and improved observational skills.

Keynotes: Encourage your teams and inspire your leaders with dynamic keynotes on the #1 skill now needed in the military and workforce; the ability to:

  • Recognize and Define The Problem
  • Gather Facts and Make Assumptions
  • Define End States and Establish Criteria
  • Develop Possible Solutions
  • Analyze and Compare Possible Solutions
  • Select and Implement Solution
  • Analyze Solution For Effectiveness

ARC Training: An intense comprehensive training program that equips employees or soldiers and leaders with the intercultural skills, including mindset development, cultural curiosity and perspective agility.

Genein is certified to administer the researched-based IDI assessments on intercultural competency, which is the global leading assessment that identifies a soldier or employee’s ability to observe, adapt and bridge across cultures. Meghan has over two decades of experience in developing interactive and immersive exercises and programs for all ages using culturally relevant stories, roleplaying, and games.

Creative thinking within a diverse and inclusive environment is now the top skill requested by top executives and Fortune 500 companies. We know the fundamentals of intercultural creativity and our researched based interactive programs will strengthen the number one skill needed in today’s workforce; intercultural creative thinking.

Our intense interactive training engages neuroscience, interactive arts, and cultural psychology to develop the ARC Adaptive Readiness for Culture framework necessary for military, law enforcement, government agencies, and companies. Our roleplaying and story-based approach creates a focus on successful cultural exchanges.

Additional areas include:

  • Understanding Self
  • Taking perspective of others in intercultural interactions
  • Disciplined Self Presentation

We provide in-person and online ARC and Intercultural Creativity presentations and workshops for the military, law enforcement, government agencies, and companies.

Government Contractors: Download our WOSB Capabilities Statement.

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