Our Mission & Vision

What steers Guardian Adventures in how we grow and what we do.

Who is Guardian Adventures?

We are a team of educators, designers, storytellers, and specialists. We create at the crossroads of education, games, and cultural stories. We are a diverse collective of individuals from around the globe who bring our different lived experiences into the co-creation process with our clients. We make games that teach while entertaining. We bring stories to life that explore cultures and weave education into immersive experiences so that learners can transfer their new knowledge into their life outside of the learning environment.

And we love to play.

Our Mission

To inspire personal transformation through immersive learning and deep connection

Our Values

The Four Tenets of an Educator: Curiosity, Creativity, Empathy, and Growth

Our Purpose

To create safe, fun, and educational experiences where participants feel included and inspired to connect, learn, and grow

Our Vision

To be the preeminent source for transformative and culturally relevant story-based experiences and education

The What, How, and Why of Guardian Adventures

The What

We inspire our learners by providing the following:

  • Dynamic, interactive adventures filled with immersive scenarios that encourage perspective shifting, inquisitive investigation, and courageous introspection.
  • STEM and academic curricula that are made relevant through storytelling which improves comprehension, retention, and transfer of knowledge.
  • Experiences that ignite an interest in global cultures and their histories.

The What, How, and Why of Guardian Adventures

The How

We accomplish this by:

  1. Inviting cultural educators, designers, and advisors into the development process when creating adventures, curriculum, or experiences.
  2. Incorporating the concept of “Transfer” into our games, lessons, and culturally relevant stories, which helps learners consider what they are learning and how to apply it to their life outside of the experience.

The What, How, and Why of Guardian Adventures

The Why

Our objective is to help our clients:

  1. Improve their participants’ experience and thereby increase retention as well as social media brand mentions.
  2. Expand their range of reach and ability to relate which sparks growth in both measurable impact and possible markets.
  3. Develop an inclusive and diverse presence in education or recreation for a global economy.

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