Blackwatch Teen Camp

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." Amelia Earhart

Blackwatch Teen Leadership Summer Camp

There is a world where intense adventures are just a multidimensional portal jump away. At Blackwatch Camp, teens face higher-level challenges that push the boundaries and require strong alliances for success.  This is for teens who understand that complex situations rarely require simple solutions. These kinds of experiences can be found in one place and one place only: the Nightlands, a dark realm protected by those who know the darkness.

They are the Blackwatch.

Blackwatch is a summer camp designed specifically for more mature teens (ages 15-19) who want to experience a higher level of roleplaying, problem-solving, and intense adventure. Please note that this camp involves more mature topics and more immersive (even frightening) scenarios. This camp is different than our Counselor-In-Training Program for teens ages 16-19 in that it is designed specifically to challenge teens with scenarios that require leadership skill development, cooperation, and lateral thinking.

The Blackwatch is a collaboration of diverse heroes from a world that blends fantasy, horror, Steampunk, and science fiction. The goal of the Blackwatch is to protect the realm called Sidleterra from things beyond our reality. So gather your finest foam weapons and read up on your arcane knowledge, for only through darkness will a hero shine.

Do I belong with the Blackwatch?

Members of the Blackwatch are often known for their mental resilience, as they are expected to confront everything from horrible mind-rending entities from other dimensions to ghosts of elder beings and their servants, and all of it requires considerable willpower to endure and challenge. Summer Camp participants are ages 15-19 (13-19 and are individuals who are drawn to great storytelling and in-depth fantasy roleplay. Costuming and character sheets help you determine how to become your own hero. You can expect to encounter darker themes and challenges for which there is no clear right or wrong, good or bad solution.

Where knowledge is as good as a sword

Just like Wizards & Warriors and Zombie Summer Camp, Blackwatch Summer Camp exposes teen heroes to a learning environment that plays to their passions. There are some similarities to the activities in our Wizards & Warriors programs, but with higher level challenges.

Educational elements of this camp include:

  • Lateral thinking – Many of the puzzles in Blackwatch require players to question preconceptions and look at problems in a different light, employing lateral thinking in addition to traditional problem solving.
  • Social development – Heroes spend a portion of every day at camp in unstructured interaction and role-play. Blackwatch provides an opportunity to practice creative role play interaction in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Group communication – Discussion and decisions about what actions the group should take are central to the event, and feature prominently in every session. Learning to interact appropriately and efficiently in this way is essential to shaping both the course of the game itself and the world it takes place in.
  • Ethical reasoning – Blackwatch takes place in a grittier, less clear-cut world than some classic heroic tales. Is it permissible to imprison someone without trial if the evidence is too dangerous to release? Is it justifiable to aid a malevolent being in order to stand against a greater evil? Blackwatch delves into these questions in a way that challenges teens to come to grips with what they believe and why.
  • Leadership development – This isn’t your classic “take charge” type of environment. It’s about assessing the needs of the group, elevating those around you, and doing what needs to be done.  “A real leader uses every issue, no matter how serious and sensitive, to ensure that at the end of the debate we should emerge stronger and more united than ever before.” Nelson Mandela
  • Real literaure, history, and mythology – Heroes will also encounter characters and scenes pulled straight from sources that they might not otherwise be exposed to until college. Much of the style of Blackwatch Summer Camp can be traced to sources that include “At the Mountains of Madness” by H.P. Lovecraft, “The Telltale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe, and “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carol.

Contact us for more information on dates and pricing.

If you are interested in more information about Blackwatch Teen Leadership Summer Camp, please call us at (781) 270-4800 or submit the form below. If you are local, you may also wish to attend a monthly Blackwatch Adventures held at our facility in Burlington, MA.

* In our expanding efforts to keep Sidleterra as safe as possible for our young heroes, only vaccinated children or children who cannot receive vaccinations due to medical reasons will be allowed at camp. Documentation will be required to complete any and all camp registrations.

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