The Creation Myth

In the beginning, there was Life and Death. She looked at our world, with its Heroes of legend, and decided to create a new one: A world that would serve as a place for Heroes to grow, learn, and be tested. She then brought about the rest of the Greater Spirits, because she knew she would need more than just her power to build a world fit for her vision. The Greater Spirits met and each gave their gift to birth this place.

Lore gave a pocket of Time that moves on it’s own and is not subject to other continuums.

Alluvium gave a piece of earth in this pocket of time that is fertile for all gifts from the spirits,

Progen gave the gift of wind to breathe life into living things,

Miranda created the gift of cleansing water to heal and cool the land,

Ardor gave the gift of written word so the great achievements could be recorded,

Brand gave the gift of flame to harden the lands outer skin and to bring warmth,

Protagon gave the gift of metals to enrich the soil,

Lyra gave the gift of plant life to encourage other life forms to reside in this land,

Medeus wove strands of manna and magic into tools and spellcraft,

The Trickster introduced mysteries to be uncovered,

Mobius gave the gift of Still life into the land, so all objects may be respected as living,

Meter gave the gift of song within the life of the land to bring merriment.

As the gifts were given, a mass began to form.  Trees took shape, the wind began to sing songs of merriment as the fire crackled with glee…

Then Death & Life, “Mother of Light and Shadows”, made her proclamation that the Great Cycle could not be restricted from this land. The Spirits stood firm with their new child and Death relented. Death agreed that she would seek value in all those who visit her realm to judge their passing to her world and beyond. The Spirits agreed to this.

The Spirits then called upon the great Wurm, the Dragon, to breathe it’s breath of magic into this land, and the land came to be. As the great Wurm crossed the land, magic of all kinds leapt from its talons.  Classic Magic as well as Wild Magic infused with the Land and became One.

After the Dragon was finished, a strange thing happened. Tendrils of Magic from the Wurm’s great claws collided with a falling star and created a being. Lore took this creature under his wing and trained her in the art of Seeing, so she might see and translate his prophecies in the years to come. She became The Oracle.

This Land came to be, and was named Sidleterra by its creators.  And the Spirits rejoiced. 

The Spirits next formed a great portal to act as a beacon to those Heroes who have a need for peace and growth.  The Spirits imbued power into the gate through their symbols that they inscribed.  They called this The Gate of Destiny.

As the Spirits began to depart for their great slumber, the first inhabitants of Sidleterra walked through The Gate of Destiny as Sidleterra called out.  The Spirits turned to look at the first saved civilization of people, the Lost Minoans.

Overview of Sidleterra

Sidleterra was created by the Greater Spirits as a testing and training ground for Heroes. This is why Sidleterra is not in constant need of saving in the off season when campers aren’t present (unless a situation presents itself in classes or events that take place in Sidleterra). The challenges set forth by the universe and the Greater Spirits are there because the Heroes are in need of training. 

Sidleterra is a universe unto itself where all of our roleplay classes, and camps take place.  Wizards & Warriors Camp, Zombie Summer Camp, Points & Powers, and Blackwatch all exist within this world with its history and ethos, though some take place at different times and places. The universe is expansive, and allows for “alternate realities” across different environments (classes to camps, camps to events, etc), though they have to be approved by the Ethos Director, so as to not create confusion among the students.

The Gate of Destiny

Because it is a universe on its own, you cannot travel to Sidleterra by conventional means. Just like you cannot take a plane, train, or automobile to Narnia, or Wonderland, no amount of walking will get you into Sidleterra. The only way to enter or leave Sidleterra is by Gate. 

More than one Gate can exist at one time, and they can be seen or unseen, stationary or mobile. A Gate can only be created by a Greater Spirit, and they can decide to create a Gate for any reason they like. 

The Gate of Destiny, Sidleterra’s first and oldest Gate, is essentially the most pure version of Sidleterra’s purpose. The Gate was created by all of the Greater Spirits and now embodies the will of “The Spirit of Sidleterra” which is essentially the manifestation of Sidleterra’s purpose (see above).  When The Gate of Destiny “brings” something to Sidleterra it essentially takes a copy of that individual out of history, literature or mythology and brings them into the Sidleterra Universe for the purpose of training the Heroes.

The Great Spirits

Lore: (Pisces) Spirit of Time and Storytelling

Created a pocket of Time that moves on it’s own and is not subject to other continuums. To bind the tomes of histories past and present and to tether time flying forth, Lore created the prophecies to guide those in times of doubt, and uses stories to track the passage of time

Alluvium: (Taurus) Spirit of the Land and Stone

Created a piece of earth in this pocket of time that is fertile for all gifts from the spirits

Lyra: (Libra) Spirit of Plants and Trees

Created the gift of plants to shelter and nourish the land

Progen: (Gemini) Spirit of Air and Wind

Created the gift of wind to breathe life into living things

Ardor (The Librarian): (Capricorn) Spirit of Knowledge and Written Word

Gave the gift of written word so the great achievements could be recorded 

The spirit is actually the Library itself, which possesses (with willing permission) a person to manage the visitors and items that inhabit the Library

Brand: (Leo) Spirit of Fire and Warmth

Created the gift of fire, both to provide warmth and cheer and to destroy

Protagon: (Aries) Spirit of War and Metal

Created the gift of metals to enrich the soil and the methods needed to wield it

Miranda: (Cancer) Spirit of Healing and Water

Created the gift of cleansing water to heal and cool the land

Medeus: (Virgo) Spirit of Magic Craft and Mages

Wove strands of potential manna and magic into the fiber of the land

Medeus as the Spirit of Magic Craft and Mages, because she does not create pure Magic- the Wurm does. She just creates a way to control it

The Trickster: (Aquarius) Spirit of Mischief and Mysteries

Introduced mysteries to be uncovered. The other spirits granted him one day in a year to himself, provided all changes and tricks would be reversed at the end of the day

Mobius: (Scorpio) Spirit of Constructs and Change

Gave the gift of artifice, that those who dwell there may build great things

Meter: (Sagittarius) Spirit of Song and Dance

Gave the gift of song within the life of the land to bring merriment

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