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As leaders in the fields of education, game design, and cultural stories we can work with you on your latest project, run a workshop at your conference, create a program for your clients, or meet your organizational needs.

Meghan Gardner
Immersive Education & Transformative Experience Consultant

Emotional engagement is key to comprehension, retention, and transferring learning outside of the education environment as well as creating a personally transformative experience.

Meghan Gardner is the founder of Guardian Adventures, which provides consultation and development of innovative and educational online and live events, cultural training programs, and STEM programs. Meghan’s expertise is in story-based and emotionally immersive experiences where participants are highly engaged and can transfer their education from the learning environment into practical use. She also specializes in creating transformative experiences that engage participants in a manner that improves understanding, retention, and transfer of their new perspectives.

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Genein M. Letford, M.Ed
Intercultural Creativity Keynote Speaker & Trainer

“Genein believes creative thinking surrounded by an environment of inclusion are critical skills and she is often called ‘America’s Champion of Creativity’ for her work in reigniting creativity and inclusiveness in our workforce.”

Genein Letford is a pioneer in the field of intercultural creativity and is an national award-winning educator, best-selling author and global speaker on the creative and intercultural competencies. As a veteran TEDx speaker and top creativity trainer, she has inspired many professionals to redevelop their creative abilities in order to produce inclusive ideas for the classroom and workspace. She is certified in the Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment and delivers one of a kind interactive training on intercultural creativity for organizations.

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Lisa Drennan
Diverse Abilities Inclusion Consultant & Trainer

“Building stronger communities by providing expert guidance to recreational, sport, camp, and community organizations on inclusion of person with diverse abilities.”

Lisa is an innovative leader with a demonstrated commitment to building inclusive communities. She is a highly regarded subject matter expert, with decades of experience in supporting individuals with disabilities to be valued members of our community. Her background in both the Human service field and as a leader of inclusion for YMCA’s, camp and recreation programs, positions her with a unique specialty and experience to draw upon. Lisa’s enthusiast and relatable presentation style, provides her audience with a highly engaging and interactive experience.

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Brad Kewalramani
Culture mindfulness Speaker & Coach

“Culture is the invisible spinal cord of the organization; It is the enabler and sustainer of doing great work. When work-forces are culture mindful people work more effectively in harmony and live fulfilled in well-being”

With a rich professional background in Talent, Culture, Customer & Employee Experience across multiple verticals combined with diverse & culturally complex life experiences, Brad brings a unique perspective to workplace culture to help organizations cultivate culture mindful workplaces to boost workforce performance and mental well-being.

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