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Do you have a learning adventure that you want your participants to embark upon? Do you need to build bridges between different cultures so they can work together? Are you looking for interactive STEM or cultural experiences for your destination? Talk to us about our training, curriculum & adventure consultation.

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Access online courses for running your own unique educational roleplaying adventures. Each course comes with step-by-step training, video tutorials, manuals, marketing materials, and downloadable assets so that you can run exciting STEM & SEL adventures in your camp, school, or recreation facility.

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The STEM/STEAM camps running our curriculum are unlike anything you or your child has done before. Our heroes use physics, biology, and more while learning to solve puzzles, protect villages, and battle monsters. If defeating villains or saving the world sounds like an exciting class or birthday party to you, then contact us!

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Clients & Partners

Play is the highest form of research

– Albert Einstein

Live Action Fun

From summer camp programming to physics adventures for science centers to cruise ship activities, Guardian Adventures keeps fun front and center. With everything we do, participants of all ages forget that they’re actually learning. That’s exactly how we want it.

Inspiring Innovation

Why is this happening? How do I change this outcome? What’s my next step? What happens if I do this? We all have a natural curiosity which our educational adventures help hone by learning which questions can lead you to the best answer.

Passion for Progress

Passion builds determination and empowerment. It’s not enough to just “be there;” our roleplaying adventures are designed to captivate the imagination while providing a tangible sense of progress where failure is seen as a stepping stone towards success.

Making Friends

With far too much time spent staring at screens, we are alone together, isolated from the world around us. Through social emotional learning and teamwork, learners develop interpersonal skills that yield a lifetime of benefits.

Story-Based Education

The educational process should not be confined to a classroom or one culture. Our process uses exciting culturally relevant interactive stories to engage the student’s interests and promote the transfer of education outside of the learning environment.

Autonomy & Connection

We understand the importance of self-expression while also having a feeling of belonging. Guardian Adventures camp curriculum and adventure design provide room to explore who you are while fostering lifelong friendships.

“We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.”

-Tim Berners Lee

Summer camp counselor helping student write a journal entry during an educational adventure

We provide consulting and development of culturally inclusive and immersive experiences for education, training, and recreation organizations.

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