Coronavirus: During this time of physical distancing classes and events are being held online through either Google Classroom or Zoom. We are also providing Online Homeschool & Afterschool Classes and custom themed birthday parties. Some programs may be provided in an outdoor setting upon request. Contact us for more information.

At Guardian Adventures, we inspire our heroes to become lifelong learners who want to make a difference in the world. We do this by creating a safe, fun, and educational environment where they can learn and grow. As a company, we aspire to be the preeminent source for story-based informal education while acting with courage, honor, and compassion.

Full and Half Day November 11th School Break Adventure…

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School Breaks & Camps

Informal Educational Adventures are the core of what we do. In our adventures, we immerse our heroes in a unique world where they use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and STEAM (with Art) while learning to solve puzzles, save villages, and battle monsters! Campers make life long friendships as they embark on epic quests at our overnight or day programs during winter, spring, and summer vacation.

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Birthday Parties & Events

Want to jump into your favorite video game and blast a big boss? Want to save the world from the zombie invasion with NERF blasters or foam swords? If defeating giants or stopping villains sounds like a great event or birthday to you, then let Guardian Adventures create a custom adventure for you. We have themed adventures or we can co-design a one of a kind experience that your hero or friends will never forget!

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Weekly Classes & Membership

We offer a variety of classes as well as Homeschool classes that are unlike anything you or your child has done before. Learn about weapons and cultures throughout history or try the sport of fencing for the first time. You can role-play as a character through dungeons, castles, and unforgettable journeys. When you enter the online Guardian Castle, you get to be a hero. We provide the adventure. You bring the battle cry.

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Educator & Event Consulting

Guardian Adventures specializes in providing informal education and informal learning opportunities for all ages. Our story-based STEM adventures provide an interactive environment that is self-directed and intrinsically motivated. We offer many services to companies looking for exciting training scenarios, educational curriculum, and adventure consultation.

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Play is the Highest Form of Research – Albert Einstein

Live Action Fun

From summer camps to corporate NERF battles, Guardian Adventures keeps fun front and center. With everything we do, participants of all ages forget that they’re actually learning. That’s exactly how we want it.

Inspiring Innovation

Why is this happening? How do I change this outcome? What’s my next step? We all have a natural curiosity which our adventures help hone by learning which questions can lead you to the best answer.

Passion for Progress

Passion builds determination and empowerment. It’s not enough to just “be there;” Guardian Adventures are designed to captivate the imagination while providing a tangible sense of progress where failure is seen as a stepping stone towards success.

Making Friends

With far too much time spent staring at screens, we are alone together, isolated from the world around us. Through group discovery and problem-solving, learners develop interpersonal skills that yield a lifetime of benefits.

Story-Based Education

The educational process should not be confined to the classroom. Our informal education uses exciting stories and scenarios to engage the student’s interests and promote self-driven learning.

Autonomy & Connection

We understand the importance of self-expression while also having a feeling of belonging. Guardian Adventures camps and adventures provide room to explore who you are while fostering a sense of community and lifelong friendships.

“It was a great and interactive way to bring us action and roleplay that we would have gotten at The Castle!”

– Annika on her first Guardian Adventures online experience

Online Events

october, 2020

Online Homeschool Classes begin Monday, September 28th.
For information or registration call (781) 270-4800 today!

Classes held Monday through Friday! 

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