Overnight Summer Camps

Exciting STEM Role-playing Summer Camps for ages 8-17

Summer Camps

There is a better way to engage a child or teen who is interested in computer or video games. Instead of sitting in front of a screen, they get to play the role of the hero live!  These STEM summer camps take your young hero on a live action roleplaying adventure they will not soon forget where they battle monsters, solve mysteries, and save the world.

Whether it’s searching among the tunnels for clues, building structures for defense, or charging across the battlefield, all heroes have a role while they make new friends and burn calories in the most exciting adventure they have ever experienced.

Wizards & Warriors Camp:  In this fantasy realm, the Heroes are at a crossroad of myth, history, and literature. Any creature or character from these sources can appear by walking through The Gate of Destiny.  And the stories are born of ancient cultures such as Viking, Sumerian, Native American, Moroccan… and more. Heroes must either befriend or battle the new challengers with their foam swords and spells. Run by our licensee’s outdoor facility in Charlton, MA, this coed residential camp is for ages 8 and up, with a special CIT (Counselor in Training) program called “Monster Camp” for ages 16 to 19. All meals are provided. For pricing and dates, please Contact Us.

There are also the full day School Break Adventures during the school year!

Blackwatch Summer Camp: A more mature camp for older teens looking for more complex situations and more difficult consequences.  This realm has a more steampunk flavor and in the vein of HP Lovecraft. Expect dark themes and grey scenarios with no clear answer in this camp.

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