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A far away land has called for your help.

Will you travel across dangerous terrain and face great peril?
Are you the Hero needed to free this land of evil creatures?
Take up your sword, brave Warrior,
And hold you staff high, wise Wizard,
Tales will be told for years to come of your great deeds…

Welcome to Sidleterra!

Experience an unforgettable adventure this summer at Wizards & Warriors STEM summer camp in Massachusetts. Create your own character in an ongoing story line that never repeats. Choose your special skills and defensive weapons. Decide what to do next when opportunity (or trouble) arises. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow heroes as you fight treacherous villains, solve ancient mysteries, defend the fragile land, and win long lost treasure. Forge your destiny, brave Hero… your adventure awaits you!

Start by creating your own Character and playing a role in our realm, specially designed for you and your fellow Adventurers.  If you don’t know what kind of character to play, consider this:

Do you enjoy sword fighting and the rush of battle with the taste of triumph? Be a noble Warrior!

Or, do you prefer a stronger defense and special skills for healing your allies? A warrior’s best friend is a Healer!

Or how about researching ancient scrolls and throwing Lightening Bolts to turn the tide of the fight? A Wizard can get the job done!

In defense of the Land, all roles are important.  Stretch your acting skills and see what you can do! Or just play someone a lot like you.

As you consider your character, read about the history of this magical realm called Sidleterra.

Then, view our character creation page for ideas on how to create your own Character History.

Choose which weapons you will use:  Sword, staff, bow, or crossbow, or nothing more than magic. After that, find or make costuming for your Character with our costuming suggestions.

Once you are registered, you will be sent our Rulebook. It is very important to become familiar with the rules before you attend your first camp. If you are a returning camper, make sure to study any updates to the rule system.

If you are 7-15 years old, and prefer a climate controlled indoor experience, we have King’s Watch Day Camp available for you.  If you are 8 years old or older, you may be interested in our Overnight Summer Camp.

If you are 16 to 19 years old, you may qualify for our Counselor In Training (CIT) Program called Monster Camp.

Visit our Video Gallery to get an idea of the various activities and exciting experiences waiting for you!

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