Cultura Connector: FAQ and How-To

  1. How do I get notified when Cultura Connector becomes searchable?
    1. Just fill out this form and we will notify you as soon as we have enough listers: 
  2. Why can’t I search Cultura Connector right now?
    1. We want to try to assemble as large an array of cultural representatives as possible so that searchers have a better chance of finding a person with the cultural experience they need. So right now, we are heavily involved in spreading the word to cultural centers, groups, and professionals with an optimistic goal of 20,000 listers from a wide variety of cultures before opening up the search function.
  3. How do I create a profile/listing?
    1. Select “Log In” in the upper right corner of the Cultura Connector landing page. Once you create an account and it is verified, you may create a listing by logging in again and selecting “Profile” in the upper right corner” then the “Edit” button with the small pencil which will appear in the upper right corner above your profile box.
  4. How do I edit my profile/listing?
    1. You may edit your profile/listing by logging in and selecting “Profile” in the upper right corner” then the “Edit” button with the small pencil which will appear in the upper right corner above your profile box. Note: Our text fields do not currently recognize formatting beyond paragraph breaks.
  5. I work/volunteer for a cultural center/group. Can I still create a listing?
    1. Yes.  Be sure to select “Organization” for User Type on the left side of your profile.  Please note that all organization listings must have email addresses with domains that match the website of the organization.
  6. I don’t want to create a listing, I just want to search. Why do I need an account?
    1. In order to protect our listers from harassment, we need to be able to make an account inactive or ban accounts which break our policies (link to policy page). As well, when searchers provide information on what they are looking for, it helps us learn where to focus our efforts on enlisting more cultural professionals.  Note: If you only want your account for searching and not for listing, please make sure to select “Unlisted” under Listing Status on the left side under the picture section.
  7. How do you verify lister links?
    1. We will make every attempt to verify lister links. Any links that do not fit the guidelines or category will be removed and the profile made inactive. All Premium Accounts will have their links verified manually.
  8. How do you verify the lister has all of the experience they say they do?
    1. If a lister belongs to an organization, we encourage the organization to verify the lister’s links. If there are issues, the organization can contact us to have the profile made inactive. Premium Accounts will have their links verified by Guardian Adventures. Searchers must reach out to the lister and perform a validation check on the lister’s experience. Cultura Connector and Guardian Adventures do not assume any liability for the accuracy of lister links or experience.
  9. What if two or more Cultural Educators disagree on the portrayal of their culture?
    1. Our objective isn’t to remove objections. It’s to give more options for those seeking input from educators of a culture. In our 10 years of working with Cultural Educators, we have never met a single one who has claimed to be the “true or only” representative or spokesperson of a culture. The same thing with cultural centers. The objective of this project is to provide more exposure for individuals who have a lived experience in their culture and who would like to provide their input about that lived experience. Cultura Connector will not create consensus among listers or make it so that searchers don’t have to do their own homework and make difficult decisions. It will just make it easier for searchers to find a wider array of members of a culture/ethnicity/language/lived experience, etc.
  10. How do I make suggestions for corrections or additions to the list selections?
    1. Please visit and fill out the form.
  11. Who owns Cultura Connector?
    1. Guardian Adventures (, a Guard Up, Inc. company owns and operates Cultura Connector.
  12. Why was Cultura Connector created?
    1. Cultura Connector was created by Guardian Adventures to help companies, individuals, and organizations find and hire cultural educators, performers, specialists, and more.  As a company that has been working with cultural educators for 10 years now, the challenge in locating an educator to join our team as a consultant for a year was an impressive endeavor.  We had to reach out to countless cultural centers, educational institutions, and scour the web for professional storytellers or authors who could assist us. There were many sources for “experts” who were scholars, researchers, or authors but not active members of a culture. Our company wanted to hire people OF the culture who were experts with lived experience in that culture. So after enough years of this struggle, we decided to create a resource to help these cultural professionals get found. By making Cultura Connector public, we hope to encourage other companies and organizations to take advantage of this searchable database and make a significant step in the appropriate representation of the world’s cultures.
  13. I am a reporter interested in discussing Cultura Connector. How do I contact the right person?
    1. You may reach a Guardian Adventures representative by filling out the form here: and specifying your interest in an interview about Cultura Connector in the comments field.
  14. I created a new keyword in my listing but now it no longer shows in the list. Why?
    1. All new keywords must follow our guidelines regarding formatting (no ALL CAPS, first letter of each word must be capitalized, and no more than 2 words per keyword) or be approved by the Cultura Connector Board. If it does not follow the guidelines, is not an appropriate keyword term, is too closely aligned with another keyword term, or rejected by the Board for another reason, then it will be removed from the Keyword list.  Please note that multiple attempts to add a rejected keyword or a keyword in review may result in an account being disabled or even banned.
  15. How do I report an offensive listing/profile?
    1. Please contact us at with the profile URL and reason for reporting.
  16. My company is interested in advertising on Cultura Connector. Who do I contact?
    1. You may reach a Guardian Adventures representative by filling out the form here: and specifying your interest in advertising on Cultura Connector in the comments field.
  17. When will you offer Cultura Connector in other languages?
    1. We are excited about a future where we have the resources and funds for creating a truly global database in numerous languages. Once we have moved out of the start-up stages and have worked through the operation challenges of a new product, we hope to investigate this possibility.

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