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A searchable directory for listing and finding cultural specialist such as linguists, educators, performers, designers, game developers, authors, and more. Listings include cultural advisors and cultural centers available to assist organizations in the depiction of and approach towards cultures and ethnicities in media and other outlets with sensitivity; whether that is to design with cultural understanding, hire diverse members for your project, or just learn from people with a different lived experience than you. The inclusive possibilities are endless.

Cultura Connector is a 501(c3) nonprofit that is steered by our Advisory Board and input from our directory members.

We define culture as “agreed upon values, beliefs, and attitudes within a system”.  As such, this directory allows listings for cultural linguists, cultural centers, educators, performers, designers, or other professions from cultures as well as subcultures which includes people and organizations who support Endangered Languages, LGBTQ+, Persons with Disabilities, Gender Equity, and other lived experiences.

Mission: We strive to improve the accurate representation of global cultures, subcultures, identities, languages, and lived experiences and their portrayal in media, arts, entertainment, education, and other spaces by providing access to knowledgeable individuals who have personal experiences within their cultures.

Vision: We will be the most comprehensive directory for advisors to advance the representation of their culture and language.

Values: We believe that representation matters and people of specific cultures, subcultures, and lived experiences should be involved in the interpretation of that experience in media, arts, entertainment, education, and other spaces.

Purpose: We will bridge the gap between diverse representation and the specific lens of the mainstream culture by creating educational resources, career opportunities, and awareness regarding the importance of appropriate cultural representation and the protection of endangered languages. 

Create a listing today and help represent your culture or lived experience!

Create a listing by selecting the “List Now” button below. This will take you to the website where you can create an account and listing.

NOTE: The directory is only in collection phase for new listers until it reaches sufficient capacity for searching.

If you are interested in using the directory to locate professionals or organizations from a specific culture, subculture, or a DEI specialists, please select the “Notify Me” button below for when the directory will open for searching.

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