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Guardian Adventures specializes in creating live, interactive adventures for all ages.  We can translate your media or high tech program into a high touch encounter where your participants can experience your product or story in a hands-on and face-to-face environment.  We can also add educational and interactive elements to your existing live programming.  If you want your brand to be relevant in the changing environment of education and recreation, partner with us and let’s explore a wide array of solutions.

When Royal Caribbean wanted to add a higher level experience to engage their kids, teens, and families aboard Oasis of the Seas, the 2nd largest cruise ship in the world, they contacted us about making live STEM adventures for each group. We got to work and developed three distinct stories with mysteries to solve that required the group to use STEM for their investigation. The adventures were designed to fully engage their clients in an immersive and exciting story. After the initial set of adventures was complete for Oasis of the Seas, Royal Caribbean immediately ordered adventures for more ships.

We created and sourced all of the technology, props, costumes, and supplies for each ship. We produced professional in-game videos (videos that help tell the story to the participants), staff training videos, step-by-step documentation, and we even loaded the software and forms we created for each adventure.

We made it as easy as possible for Royal Caribbean to install these adventures as fast as possible so that they can be immediately enjoyed by their 6 million customers a year. We are excited to continue our work with Royal Caribbean as they lead the cruise-line industry in their daring and innovative approach to delighting their customers.

Guardian Adventures onboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas

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Our staff and students from South Korea work on a STEM project

Students from South Korea visit our facility in Burlington MA for adventure

Students wrapping up their Mission to Mars adventure in South Korea

Museums, Libraries & Science Centers

When ST Unitas, one of the largest Tech Ed companies in Asia and parent company of The Princeton Review, wanted to design an live STEM summer camp that reflected the quality of their online transmedia presence, they approached Professor Joseph Blatt at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE).  Joe brought in Guardian Adventures and we partnered with Professor Uche Amaechi, also of HGSE, to create the Mission to Mars STEM Summer Camp for ST Unitas.

This first of its kind collaboration integrates traditional STEM-based learning principles with informal education — experiential and student-driven processes that foster learning through hands-on activity.

In 2018, Guardian Adventures and professors from HGSE created the full STEM curriculum as well as the story behind Mission to Mars.  The camp was held in Seoul, South Korea and was a huge success.  From there, ST Unitas contracted Guardian Adventures to create a Winter Camp for kids from Asia, to be held here in the USA.

The students spent one week studying at Harvard University, then applied their lessons during a highly interactive Mars adventure at Guardian Adventures in Burlington, MA.  Guardian Adventures turned their entire facility into a space expedition complete with the interior of a space ship, terrestrial shelters, space suits, remote-controlled robots, and more.

During their time at Guardian Adventures, visitors worked as a team to develop the necessary skills to get to, and survive on, the red planet.  This included exciting activities such as:

  • Determining “escape velocity” — the necessary speed/energy to escape the earth’s gravitational pull
  • Extreme weather survival skills
  • Electrolysis and oxygen production
  • Constructing and understanding two-stage rockets
  • Building structures for harsh environments (geodesic domes)

Each year since, we have designed new curriculum and a higher level experience for returning campers – both in South Korea and for their students who travel each winter to our facility in the USA.  These camps are now part of the regular offering for ST Unitas and their clients.

Guardian Adventures continues to be contracted by large and small corporations alike who want to add immersive and engaging experiences to their environment or their business model.

Our services include:

  • Consulting
  • Curriculum Design
  • Plot Writing
  • Staff Training
  • Script Writing
  • Custom Costuming & Props
  • Video Production
  • Equipment & Supply Sourcing
  • Marketing Materials… and much more


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