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Work with exceptionally creative and fun educators while dressing up and training heroes!

Summer Camp Jobs Available

Hiring for our licensees’ summer camp jobs in Massachusetts is usually completed early spring. Please apply immediately if interested. We get flooded with resumes in late spring and often have no openings left. Thank you!  At this time, we are currently accepting applications from candidates 18+ years of age.

Wizards & Warriors Camp is a creative STEM-based summer camp run by professionals, parents, and teachers who wanted to create the experience of a live adventure as a way to help kids and teens discover the hero they hold inside.

All staff must be comfortable dressing in costumes and being around foam swords and NERF blasters.

  • Camp Counselors (we called them “Hero Leaders”)
  • Make-Up Artist/Costume Manager
  • Stage Manager
  • CIT Supervisor
  • Camp Nurse/Medic
  • Assistant Camp Director

Why work for our licensees?  Look at what you get to put on your resume or college application after a season with us: What to put on your resume after working for Wizards & Warriors Camp.

Summer 2023
Overnight Camp Openings

Located at Prindle Pond in Sturbridge, MA​


Assistant Camp Director (25+) – The Assistant Camp Director assists in overseeing Wizards & Warriors operations in accordance with the standards set by the state of Massachusetts. Year-round employment opportunities available for this position

Logistics Director (21+) – As the Storyteller of Sidleterra you will organize and implement the camp plot, schedule encounters between campers and monsters (costumed characters), and keep track of the web of stories our heroes create. This role requires flexibility and the ability to communicate efficiently with counselors, monsters, and the leadership team. Help create an uncharted world, perilous battles, and bring the imagination of our heroes to life. The Logistics Director manages and coordinates all plot-related activities, supervises program areas, organizes monsters/npcs, and other duties.

Weekend Camp/Program Director (25+) –  The Weekend Camp/Program Director oversees all weekend operations of our overnight summer camp programs. They report to the Camp Director, supervise weekend staff, and are responsible for directing weekend programming and tasks.


Lead Logistics Counselor (20+) – Support for the plot and “backstage” team. Responsible for assisting in supervision of the logistics staff, guiding and leading the Monster Campers, facilitating activities and completing the necessary weekly paperwork.

Head Counselor (20+) – Responsible for supervising counselor staff, guiding and leading the staff in the care of the campers, facilitating activities and completing the necessary weekly paperwork.

Counselor in Training/Monster Camper Coordinator (21+) – Stage Manager for our Monsters (CITs). Responsible for supervising, counseling, and training, our overnight Monster Campers (Counselors in Training). Will work closely with the Logistics team, and camp directors and administrative staff to ensure quality programming, and assessment of our Counselors in Training.

Counselor/Hero Leader (18+) – Part Gandalf and part Mary Poppins, Hero Leaders guide our heroes through their entire adventure at camp and impart life lessons, from the action on the battlefield to free time in the recreational areas. Duties include monitoring meals, playing camp characters (in costume), and facilitating and participating in group activities. Hero leaders have a genuine passion for mentoring and empowering young people. Help teach the next generation what it means to be a hero, and help create a summer of lasting memories.

Weekend Counselor/Hero Leader (18+) – Weekend Hero Leaders are responsible for the supervision and entertainment of our overnight campers during their weekend programming. Although some adventures do take place on the weekends, many of your quests will involve supervising Hero down time, games, and camp set up for the following week.

Junior Counselor (16+) – Junior Counselors help design and lead activities to support the logistics and staff team. Our Junior Counselors help populate the world with monsters, NPCs, and create magic both behind the scenes and on our camp “stage”.


Nurse (21+) – The Nurse operates our Apothecary. This position is responsible for the daily needs of campers and staff such as: distributing medications, tending to injuries, easing illnesses, maintaining health logs, and providing orientation and guidance to camp staff in regards to illness and injury prevention. Requirements: RN, LVN, NP, PA, MD, or Paramedic/EMT.


We provide training, costumes (although you can bring your own!), props, makeup, and foam weapons. In return, our expectations are high. We require you to be responsible, flexible, and reliable. You must fully embrace and adhere to the concept that this camp is for the campers. As such, the roles you play and the positions you hold are always in service of the entertainment value. This is an exhausting, demanding job that requires both physical and mental endurance. But you will have the time of your life and we can guarantee that you will never be bored!

All camp staff are required to have previous experience working with kids and teens and be at least 18 years of age. Acting experience is not necessary but does help. We’re interested in mature decision makers – counselors and performers who like to take part in a creative, improvisational environment – but always with safety foremost in their mind. You must be exceptionally reliable and a good communicator. Punctuality is necessary as the nature of these activities requires precision timing. Professionalism is mandatory.

​Please note that Wizards & Warriors Camp is run by parents. Our own children attend these camps. Safety is our highest concern. We expect that it will be yours as well. References required. Pay is dependent on experience and scheduled for 9 weeks, plus room and board (includes paid training).

This is an overnight position with onsite residency required with one or two days off each week and counselors are required to reside at the camp for the duration of employment.

Currently accepting applications from candidates 18+ (position dependent)

Staff must be available from June 25th to August 13th

All applicants must submit three references

All staff, performers, and volunteers must submit to a CORI and SORI Background Check, intensive screening, and reference check.

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