Zombie Defender Divisions

Useful Info

At Zombie Summer Camp, there are different Divisions you can join.  Each group has it’s own specialty and focus:

Strike Team: Battle hardened and heavy blasters… this group is all about dominating the battle field.  They are fearless in the face of overwhelming odds and often take heavy casualties… as well as give them.  Zombies may be scarce at first – but as the week passes, they grow in number and in strength. It’s up to Strike Team to keep them in check.

Recon: Without Intel, the battle is lost in this zombie war. Recon’s job is to gather as much information as possible about what’s really going on. This sometimes means entering zombie territory and breaking into the enemy’s labs to find the clues. Recon members hold awareness and intelligence above all else. Information is what make humans more powerful than zombies.

R&D (Research & Development): What’s the weakness of this latest breed of zombie? How do you work this new tech that was discovered by Recon? How can you make traps that slow down zombies and give Strike Team a better shot? All this and more is the monumental task of R&D. These aren’t just scientists… dangerous things happen when zombies are your test subject.

Spec Ops: When an ally needs to be rescued… or a building needs to be cleared, Spec Ops is called in. They work best infiltrating, obtaining their objective, and leaving… all without a trace. They value stealth, precision, and silent communication as the most important qualities in their division. They are the shadows that haunt the enemy in this zombie war.

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