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Many Defenders like to bring their own Nerf Gun (we call them “Blasters”) to Zombie Summer Camp. We’re cool with that. But here are the simple rules:

1. We provide the darts and discs. Xploderz Ammo is considered the latest technology and will be distributed as the Defenders uncover the source. Please leave your own ammo at home… because it CANNOT be returned to you after use.

2. You are allowed to make only cosmetic changes to your Nerf Blasters. IE: Paint or attaching ornamental instruments or gears. Performance enhancements are not permitted.

3. Only Hasbro NERF guns, blasters, cannons, Super Soakers, and other Nerf brand weapons are permitted.

4. You may purchase a Nerf blaster through our trading post or use one of our basic single shot blasters if you do not already own one.

5. Make sure to have your name on your Nerf Blaster (and your other equipment) so it doesn’t get mixed up with other Defender’s equipment.

6. Holsters or carry straps are a very good idea… especially on long treks to find more supplies.

7. This is an outpost… where supplies can be rare and in demand.  Don’t expect to show up and be handed canisters of darts. You will have to earn your ammo, your tech, and even your bandages and medical supplies, with teamwork and hard effort.

8. Talk with other Defenders and find out what kinds of Nerf Blasters they are bringing. Mix up your group so that some of you have long range weapons, some are fast-firing, and some that are known for accuracy. Want to meet some of your fellow Defenders before you arrive? Try a free Nerf Event at our facility in Burlington, MA before the summer even begins (free for new campers only, one per customer):


Costuming for Zombie Summer Camp should hint of post-apocolyptic “Steampunk” attire. However, since campers may be crawling through tunnels, jumping over obstacles, or engaging in NERF Blaster play, we encourage our Defenders to think “durable, comfortable, and safe.” Also, since most adventurers are attending for at least two weeks of camp, multiple sets of costuming are necessary due to the high level of activity.

It isn’t necessary to spend a ton of money on specially-made costuming. Keep in mind that Halloween Costumes are almost never durable enough to make it through the rigors of our adventures.

Note:  Out of respect for the seriousness of the role that our real world military serves, we do not allow campers or staff to wear modern day military dress outside of boots and camouflage pants.  No costuming is permitted have a current military insignia or ranking.

The good news is that there are plenty of other ways to make your own costume that suits your character and your mission.  Just spend some time thinking about the character you want to portray along with your comfort.

Here are some affordable options for filling out your wardrobe using modern clothing:

  • T-Shirts that are Earth Tone in color (brown, grey, maroon, dark green, etc).  These are a favorite among our heroes when the weather gets hot.  Please NO LOGOS, words, or screen prints on clothing.
  • A trip to the second hand store can be a great source for vests, safari and khaki shirts, shorts and pants.
  • While you are at the second hand shop, look for cheap accessories and leather or canvas purses that can be made into belt pouches or satchels.
  • Cargo pants, sweats, or shorts should be solid black, grey, or brown. Make sure there are no logos, words, or images on any costume pieces.
  • Footwear should be brown or black in color. Black out any logos with permanent marker.
  • All Sandals must cover the toes (to prevent stubbing injuries) and must secure to the foot with an adjustable heel strap (to prevent lost footwear while crawling through tunnels). Black out any logos with permanent marker.
  • Caps that are Earth Tone in color with no insignias or logos are encouraged for sun protection.
  • No jeans, please!

We also have costuming available for purchase through our Trading Post. You will be given the opportunity to order these with your registration.

NERF Blasters as Zombie Weapons:

Each Defender is given the option to use one of our basic NERF Blasters, to bring their own (nonmodified) NERF Blaster, or to purchase their own blaster through our Trading Post. Campers may use only unmodified blasters  (painting/decorating is allowed) that have passed our safety inspections.

It’s also important to make sure you follow the rules for safe battles:

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