Coronavirus: During this time of physical distancing classes and events are being held online through either Google Classroom or Zoom. We are also providing Online Homeschool & Afterschool Classes and custom themed birthday parties. Some programs may be provided in an outdoor setting upon request. Contact us for more information.

As families struggle with staying inside and social distancing, the days can feel long without our normal schedule as we work together to defeat the spread of Coronavirus. Through the support of The Story School, Guardian Adventures runs live, interactive educational adventures. . .

Guardian Adventures: Online!

Through Google Classroom, we are providing online educational adventures and fencing or historical lessons for kids, teens, and adults. We’re committed to keeping our community active, imaginative, and eager to learn. Explore below to find the online experience that’s best suited for you, then reach out to a Guardian to take your first steps into a thrilling new world.

At Guardian Adventures, we inspire our heroes to become lifelong learners who want to make a difference in the world. We do this by creating a safe, fun, and educational environment where they can learn and grow. As a company, we aspire to be the preeminent source for story-based informal education while acting with courage, honor, and compassion.

Online Homeschool and Afterschool programming begins in…

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Weekly Online Events

From Dungeons & Dragons to Online Escape Rooms and more, roleplaying adventures and family game nights are just a click away with our Friday Night Adventures!

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Play is the Highest Form of Research. – Albert Einstein

Live Action Fun

From summer camps to corporate NERF battles, Guardian Adventures keeps fun front and center. With everything we do, participants of all ages forget that they’re actually learning. That’s exactly how we want it.

Inspiring Innovation

Why is this happening? How do I change this outcome? What’s my next step? We all have a natural curiosity which our adventures help hone by learning which questions can lead you to the best answer.

Passion for Progress

Passion builds determination and empowerment. It’s not enough to just “be there;” Guardian Adventures are designed to captivate the imagination while providing a tangible sense of progress where failure is seen as a stepping stone towards success.

Making Friends

As we adapt to a screen driven environment, we are alone together, isolated from the world around us. Through group discovery and problem-solving, learners develop interpersonal skills that yield a lifetime of benefits.

Story-Based Education

The educational process should not be confined to the classroom. Our informal education uses exciting stories and scenarios to engage the student’s interests and promote self-driven learning.

Autonomy & Connection

We understand the importance of self-expression while also having a feeling of belonging. Guardian Adventures camps and adventures provide room to explore who you are while fostering a sense of community and lifelong friendships.

“It was a great and interactive way to bring us action and roleplay that we would have gotten at The Castle!”

– Annika on her first Guardian Adventures online experience

Guardian Adventures: Online!

Guardian Adventures classes run on a membership cycle. Each hero enrolls as a member which provides different opportunities and classes to fit their schedule, interests, and abilities. We strongly recommend at least two introductory lessons prior to signing up as a Guardian Adventures member. Tier placement is subject to instructor approval.

Tier 1 Memberships are for our beginner heroes, either giving their first few attempts at a Guardian adventure or those who don’t feel ready yet to dive in without a little assistance. Classes are 60 minutes in length.

Tier 2 Memberships are for more experienced adventurers and include 90-minute classes. This grants more opportunities to experienced students to control their adventure without needing an instructor’s guidance. Most Tier 2 members are ages 13 and up.

From fencing and historical battles to fully immersive worlds and giant monsters, explore further to discover the perfect online experience for you and your young hero…

Little Knights Online (Ages 4-7)

It takes heroes of all sizes to save the world! Our Little Knights arrive at the virtual castle, swords in hand, ready to solve puzzles, battle big bad monsters, play games, and earn beads as they advance in their hero training. This class is perfect for kids interested in playing pretend in our immersive fantasy world while practicing critical thinking, problem-solving, and lifelong social skills. Every child can be a hero… this is where they’ll take their first steps.

Online Homeschool & Afterschool

Whether you are looking for Homeschool to either replace or to supplement your student’s online school classes, we welcome your student to our exciting educational adventures that run Monday through Friday during the school year. We have daily classes in STEM as well as Essential Learning Skills. We also run an online Afterschool program that provides a solution to social isolation with more emphasis on story, adventure, and camaraderie than education. We call our participants “Heroes” as they navigate an ongoing story that never repeats where they make decisions and battle antagonists like monsters and zombies with their wits and special skills.

Fencing for All Ages

At Guardian Adventures, our emphasis is more on personal growth and technical development of your foil fencing skills than competitive training. Our priorities are your individual training goals. However, make no mistake about it, you will be learning the same techniques and rules used in the Olympics.  Our teachers are renowned for being creative, interactive, fun and welcoming to all skill levels. Must have appropriate space for safe practice of fencing drills. *Students must have or purchase a Fencing Foil from online store – link provided.

Fantasy Adventures

Our Fantasy Adventures specialize in getting participants physically, mentally and socially active in a setting that appreciates their uniqueness. Where else can they fight monsters, solve mysteries, and learn while burning calories with their new friends?  These exciting adventures bring out the best in your young hero.  *Students are encouraged to dress the part of their heroes with costuming and representative weapons and props which they can find or make at home. 

Historical Weapons Classes

Are you a history buff? Looking for an online swordsmanship class that is like a “world tour” of swords and other weapons?  Learn techniques used through history as well as about weapons and battles of the past by re-enacting their styles.  Must have appropriate space for safe practice of fencing drills.  *Requires student to purchase Foam Sword from an online store – link provided.

Interactive Games

The Interactive Games Classes are less about story and more about fun, interactive games that require teamwork, problem-solving, and getting to know your fellow players. Improv activities, board, and social games abound. This is a good class for kids who prefer immediate and action-oriented objectives and group challenges instead of more elaborate scenarios. 

Teen Leadership Program

It’s difficult to get teens real-life training for work and college that involves planning, public speaking, classroom management, designing curriculum, and more in a manner that is socially and emotionally engaging. Our Instructors help our Teen Leaders develop important skills while staying socially engaged with their classmates in a creative learning environment where they take the lead.  Teen Leaders can earn their course completion certificate – which looks great on a resume or college application!

School Break Adventures

When school is closed, we are open for adventure. We offer summer camps, winter and spring break adventures, as well as school holiday events. Our full day adventures get your kids off the computer and having a blast!

Private Online Instruction and Webinars for Individuals and Families

Guardian Adventures Online has developed fully immersive web-based versions of our classes, events, parties, and school breaks. This has opened the door to countless other online options, promoting physical activity, educational engagement, and pursuing your interests. Contact us today with the webinar you are interested in then visit our Online Adventures for more information.

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We hope that these measures will assist our students, campers, and community in staying active with us and participating in upcoming adventures. Thank you all for your continued support of our business, employees, community, and each other.  Even with the physical social distancing, we can still pull together to face this challenge as fellow adventurers… taking on the Coronavirus Big Boss… holding fast and moving forward.

“The mentors are warm and engaging and do a great job. I appreciate the staff to kid ratio you’ve had. The staff does a great job of balancing silly and heroic elements in a way that strikes a chord with my kiddo. IN a time when real-life opportunities to get out and about are limited, I think my son enjoyed the chance to travel through these adventures. When we needed to wrap up the summer with a few more weeks this is what he picked!”

– J Riley

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