STEM Summer Camps & Educational Adventures

Immersive camps, parties, and events for all ages

Summer Camps

All camps are run by our network of summer camps and providers who run our licensed curriculum and game mechanics.

Wizards & Warriors Camp:  In this fantasy realm, the Heroes are at a crossroad of myth, history, and literature. Any creature or character from these sources can appear by walking through The Gate of Destiny.  And the stories are born of ancient cultures such as Viking, Sumerian, Native American, Moroccan… and more. Heroes must either befriend or battle the new challengers with their foam swords and spells.

Blackwatch Summer Camp: A more mature camp for older teens looking for more complex situations and more difficult consequences.  This realm has a more steampunk flavor with a hint of horror and higher level challenges. Expect dark themes and grey scenarios with no clear answer in this camp.

Summer Overnight Camp: Run by our licensee at their outdoor facility in Charlton, MA, this coed residential camp is for ages 8 and up, with a special CIT (Counselor in Training) program called “Monster Camp” for ages 16 to 19.  This summer camp experience has outdoor battles and encounters, late night events, and special events planned.  All meals are provided and sleeping quarters provided.  For pricing and dates, please Contact Us.

There are also the full day School Break Adventures during the school year!

Parties & Events

All parties are run by our licensed providers closest to you. From your young hero’s next birthday adventure, to giving your corporate retreat that extra spark of excitement, to bringing your local library suddenly to life, these adventures make every gathering or special occasion that much more remarkable…and magical.

Why have a party when you can have an Adventure? The biggest and best party option is the Points & Powers Birthday Party. Learn the game rules and then take on the role of a brave warrior, wise wizard or fearless healer. Then go forth into a customized adventure in a live action story. Costumed instructors provide monsters or brigands to fight, villagers to rescue, and everything else you’ll encounter. Props and portable equipment combined with some imagination transport you to underground lairs, castle halls, haunted graveyards, or wherever the story takes you. The ending is unknown because you decide the outcome!

Take your team on a wild adventure straight out of their imagination… Fight monsters, solve mysteries and win treasure!

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