What is cultural appropriation? Is it different from cultural misrepresentation? Who is affected by these practices and who can we turn to for guidance? These questions can be uncomfortable to ask ourselves but, especially in today’s national dialogue, uncomfortable questions are often the most important. With this in mind, Guardian Adventures decided to take the first step in beginning a conversation on the topic of cultural misrepresentation in the media.


An online gathering of minds was held last Monday with three experts as featured panelists. These three women have been or currently are cultural consultants for the Guardian Adventures team, providing their feedback regarding all cultural details of our camp plots and storylines. From costumes to characters to the furthest reaches of history, myth, and literature, these consultants have guided us in establishing the quality and integrity of our story-based summer camps.


First, the attendees to this discussion were introduced to Claudia Fox Tree, a cultural educator of Arawak and Native American culture. You may remember her work from a past Day Of The Dead event. Second, the attendees were introduced to Alma Richeh, a cultural educator for our exploration of Syrian culture. Our campers from last year will remember her as the bringer of song to our summer camp. Third, attendees met Amina Zakki, a cultural educator of Moroccan stories, whose impact will be seen in this year’s Moroccan themed storylines at (online) camp.  The panel was moderated by our CEO, Meghan Gardner.


Our panelists delivered thought-provoking stories and perspectives on the topics of cultural appropriation and misrepresentation. The hour-long conversation was well received and, we feel, worth a watch for anyone interested in broadening their own definitions of currently spotlighted terms. If you are interested in learning more about the subject of culture in media, you are invited to watch the panel program about Cultural Appropriation and Misrepresentation online.

This is an online panel discussion featuring three of our Cultural Educators: Amina Zakki (Cultural Educator for Moroccan stories), Alma Richeh (Cultural Educator for Syrian stories), and Claudia Fox Tree (Cultural Educator for Arawak/Native American stories). Guardian Adventures founder and CEO, Meghan Gardner, will moderate the discussion. There will be a process for attendees to submit questions to the panel.

The discussion will focus on the important and timely topic of Cultural Appropriation & Misrepresentation in media and education and the role these actions play in the perpetuation of racism. These terms will be defined by each panelist as they discuss the impact these obstacles have had in their pursuit to find understanding, acceptance, and equality.

The panel will also talk about measures that can be taken on both a personal and societal level so as to avoid cultural appropriation as well as being conscious of the misrepresentation of cultures.

Attendees are encouraged to be logged in and ready to begin no later than 11:00 AM.

This event will be recorded and redistributed later, through the Guardian Adventures YouTube Channel, may also appear in a documentary being developed by cinematographer Sam Ho, as well as possibly being referenced in research by Alex Corbitt, who is working on his Ph.D. at Boston College regarding literacy in education.

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