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Learning knows no boundaries and neither does fun. Our educational adventures are designed for any hero from anywhere around the globe. STEM education, imagination, and monsters are waiting for you…

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At Guardian Adventures STEM Summer Camps, we inspire our campers to become lifelong learners who want to make a difference in the world. They learn and grow as heroes within interactive stories that are safe, exciting, and educational while learning the tenets of a hero: courage, honor, and compassion.

Choose the outdoor adventure that’s right for your young hero. They can wield a sword and shield as they defend the mythical realm of Sidleterra from monsters and menacing magics, grab their NERF blaster for the battle of a lifetime against a horde of ragged zombies, or harness their superhuman strengths in our brand new Superhero themed adventures. Not only is this a one of a kind educational adventure, but it’s a chance to make new friends from all over the world and master the english language. All of our camps are completely immersive worlds with actors, custom costumes, and special effects, all while incorporating STEM Education.

What is STEM?

  • Science | How can we know for sure this strange creature is in line for the throne? Learning genotypes can prove how you protect the lineage.
  • Technology | Evil forces have turned the land dark. Can you master circuitry in time to shed some light before the undead arrive?
  • Engineering | You must cross a raging river to reach the castle before the invading armies. Time to build a boat from scratch!
  • Math | You’ve almost recovered the stolen artifact but one final riddle remains. The coded answer is carved in the cavern walls and looks eerily similar to the quadratic formula.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who We Are
  • Registration and Camp Details
  • Dining and Meals
  • Camp Accomodations
  • Camp Activities
  • Health and Safety
  • Transportation
Who We Are

What is Guardian Adventures’s education philosophy?

We believe that education should be self motivated and following the interest of the students. Our mission is to inspire lifelong learners who want to make a difference in the world. We do this by creating a dynamic, interactive environment where the actions of the students affect the outcome of the adventure. In order to succeed in the challenges they encounter, they have to learn STEM which gives them special abilities necessary for solving the mystery. Many of our campers are kids and teens who love video games because the story and the environment are much like a computer game, but without the computers. So students are running around and getting exercise, making new friends from the USA, and experiencing the thrill of a live adventure.

What do your STEM Summer Camps specialize in?

Our camp specializes in creating a world that reacts to the choices of the students. Our staff meet nightly to write the next day story based on the actions that the students made during the day. We also specialize in getting kids and teens who love video and computer games “unplugged” from the computer and experiencing a live, exciting adventure.

Where are your STEM Summer Camps located?

Our overnight camp is currently located at Salem State University, South Campus in Salem, Massachusetts, USA.

On what social media accounts can I see more of what you do?

You can see more of what we do on our YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

How can I contact you with further questions?

There is a contact form at the bottom of this webpage or you can call us anytime at (781) 270-4800.

Registration and Camp Details

How many campers can each session accommodate? What is the boy-girl ratio roughly?

Each session can accommodate up to 120 campers with an approximate current ratio of 70/30 Boys to Girls.

What countries are represented by those who come to your STEM Summer Camps? What’s the approximate proportion of campers from each country?

Our current campers are primarily from the United States but we do have about 10% of our campers from other countries such as Korea, Canada, Switzerland, England, and more.

Are there any outstanding age restrictions for international campers?

We apply the same standards for international campers as we do for our domestic campers. We accept all genders and campers must be at least 8 years of age on the first day of camp. Comprehension of English is necessary due to safety communication.

What is the counselor to camper ratio at your STEM Summer Camps?

Our counselor to camper ratio is approximately 1:5.

Do you hold a special Open Day during any sessions? If so, when?

The last Thursday of each session is open to parents and family of campers.

Does the camp staff confiscate campers’ phones? If so, is there a fixed time to make a phone call or write a letter to their home country?

Yes we do keep the campers’ phones. We typically allow calls home one day of the week (a Saturday or Sunday). Parents can contact the camp nurse if there is an emergency and our staff will locate the camper and bring them to the nurse’s office for the phone call. Overnight campers are given quiet time each day when they may choose to write a letter. Campers are responsible for their own outgoing postage.

Dining and Meals

When are mealtimes at camp?

8 am, 12 noon, and 5 pm.

Are water and snack readily avaialable to campers throughout the day?

Yes, they are available in the dining hall.

What dietary options do you provide during meals?

We provide options for both vegetarian and gluten free diets.

Are accomidations and meals provided to chaperones from our company or group?


Camp Accomodations

Do campers ever spend a night outdoors?

No, all of the nights are spent in the dorm rooms.

How many campers usually fill a dorm room?

Typically there are 8 to 10 campers per dorm plus staff.

What does an average daily schedule look like?

7am wake up call. 8am Breakfast. 9am adventure begins. 12pm Lunch. 3pm day adventure ends. 3:30pm snack. 4-5pm free time or evening adventure. 5pm dinner. 6pm games or evening adventure. 7pm showers and free time. 9pm dorm time. 9:30pm lights out.

Do you provide bedding, fans, or closet space in the dorm rooms?

No, bedding, fans, and storage is the respinsability of the camper.

Are campers responsible for doing their own laundry while at camp?

Campers are responsible for keeping their clean and dirty clothes organized. We will handle doing the laundry once per week.

I’ve heard New England is cold. What is the lowest temperature at night?

20 Celsius.

Is there a charge for having the camp staff store valuable belongings during a session?

No, there is no additional charge.

Are accomidations and meals provided to chaperones from our company or group?


Camp Activities

Could you explain further the sports and adventure activities you provide?

Our campers spend their day hiking outdoors from one encounter to another. Encounters revolve around the campers interacting with different characters and their conversations between those encounters. They also spend significant time battling with monsters using foam swords and NERF Blasters as if they were in a video game.

What about the story based themes of each session?

All themes are stories that are based in real-world myths, legends, and literature. Characters that the campers interact with are from these sources and actors are dressed in costumes to represent them.

Do any of your adventures involve snow sports?

No. There is no snow in the summertime here in New England (thank goodness).

Are there any computer or technology aspects to your adventures or camp activities?

Our camp has a primary focus of “unplugging” campers and doing hands-on projects which encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork in our lessons. Some amount of coding may be performed by campers but only as it pertains to developing special skills for the live story. * No personal computers are allowed at camp.

What should campers plan to bring to maximize their experience?

We suggest purchasing costuming and foam swords or NERF blasters as described in our Welcome Manual and on our website.

Health and Safety

Are there residential doctors, nurses, and infirmaries at yopur STEM Summer Camps?


Are your camps equipped with basic medicines?


Do we need to pay for simple medical treatments?


What is the closest nearby medical institution?

North Shore Medical Center.

Is a medical insurance charge added or included in the camp fees?



What airport will you provide transportation to and from? How long will it take to travel?

We can pick up campers at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. This is about a 45 minute drive from our camp.

Are all the transportation fees already included in the camp fees?


Are there any chaperones or staff accompanying picking up and drop off at airport?

We always have at least one staff member for trips to and from the airport.

If a camper would like to arrive or leave not on the scheduled date, do you provide pick-up or returning transportation for in that special instance?

No, all campers must arrive and leave from camp on the appointed day.

Beneath the realm of sword and sorcery lies a foundation of hard science…Scientific knowledge helps the heroes prevail, so they are motivated to research, consult with their teachers and librarians, and master the content to ensure that their spells don’t backfire,” – NPR

Aside from our fully immersive summer camps, we also offer a Special Winter Camp Option at our main facility in Burlington Massachusettes. Heroes of all ages and nationalities are invited to the Guardian Castle for an out of this world experience that they will never forget.

Adventure is waiting…won’t you join us?

STEM Summer Camp Open House (Video Tour of Salem State University South Campus)

Our CEO and Founder’s Philosophy (filmed at Harvard Grad School of Education)

* Disclaimer: All international campers and orginzations interested in participating in a Guardian Adventures STEM Summer Camp require preregistration, a preliminary discussion with the Guardian team, and a basic understanding of the English language to ensure the success of not only the campers, but the adventure itself. Contact us today to begin your adventure. Age ranges of camps can be found here.

We hope to embark on a grand adventure with you soon.

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