Mission To Mars 2020 Recap

In the middle of a chilly January here in Massachusetts, twenty-five young heroes from Seoul South Korea ventured to the Guardian Castle for an out of this world adventure. They suited up in their shiny spacesuits and set a course for the planet Mars.

The adventure began when the travelers arrived, after a long space journey, to the surface of Mars. They were greeted at the martian habitat station where they learned more about how survival on the Red Planet is possible. After all of the formalities, the travelers were given several challenges to help keep the space facility operating smoothly.

A young adventurer creates a robotic arm and programs it using STEMg

They were tasked with engineering Solar Panels using the inverse square law, creating robotic arms, mastering electrolysis to create oxygen, and using hydroponics to grow wheatgrass for food in the station’s greenhouse, just to name a few of the otherworldly lessons. With some solid STEM education and a bit of creativity, the adventurers successfully overcame all of the obstacles and survived their Mission To Mars.

the greenhouse from our mission to mars event Circuitry is presented to students

“I see this as a program just as effective as a school but definitely more interesting,” says instructor Mikey Scofield. “Student-driven learning is more effective than sitting down at a desk and listening to a lecture. It doesn’t matter how good the teacher is, the lecture can only be effective for so long. It’s really important, for STEM subjects specifically, to engage kids and provide an experience for them that’s more interesting, meaningful, and memorable.”

Meghan Gardner, founder of Guard Up, breathes fire for awestruck students

The adventure culminated with a fire breathing demonstration by our founder, Meghan Gardner, as the students explored the idea of atomizing fuel that would otherwise need a wick in order to burn it.

The adventurers may have traveled back to Seoul but STEM education will never leave these castle walls. February school break is just a few weeks away. Give your young hero the gift of knowledge with our weeklong School Break Adventure, complete with lessons, monsters, and foam swords galore. The roster is filling quickly so preregister today before we sell out like last year. We’ll see you there..  Until then, may you find adventure worthy of your skills!

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