Corporate & Group Guardian Adventures

Custom designed group and corporate events and adventure consulting

Custom Events and Consulting

Take your team on a wild adventure straight out of their imagination… Fight monsters, solve mysteries, and win treasure!

Special Team-Building, STEM, and Creative Problem Solving group events make skill building fun and active… you haven’t experienced teamwork until you try to capture the treasure out of our Monster Castle! We can host your corporate training or group events at our facility or send our instructors to yours if you have the available space. We also have options for international groups to travel to Massachusetts and experience what we do.

Your group events can be as simple or involved as you wish – from Nerf games that require strategy and team building to a full blown adventure with costuming, makeup and special effects. You can have your employees form teams to compete against each other or we can provide you with our own Mob of Monsters for your company to unite against. This isn’t your normal corporate retreat. What other group events elicit battle cries from your normally shy receptionist? Give your team a chance to be heroic and see how it impacts their work. We promise an adventure that will give your employees bragging rights for a long time to come.

Libraries and Museums can have a visit by one of our historical or literary characters to interact with their patrons or they can have a full scale literary “Invasion” where the characters are coming out of the books and the kids, teens, or families have to solve the mystery and get them back into the books before the characters take over.

Conference, Museum & Library “Invasions”

Holding a conference where you want to spruce up the team bonding?  There is no better way to do this than by uniting your attendees against hordes of undead.

Or perhaps your library or museum wants to hold an exciting adventure which teaches the participants about literary, mythical, and historical characters.  Attendees will have to work together to figure out how to solve the mystery that gets all of the characters back into the books before midnight. We can provide the consultation or a full package complete with costuming, actors, plot, logistics, marketing, and more.

These adventures are an exciting and unique way to get people to network, form alliances, and learn about your services in a way that inspires stories of triumph and bragging rights. Give them an experience worth telling a story about.

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Education Consulting

If you are part of a larger company or organization that is looking to add exciting and educational adventures and experiences to your services, we are the company for you.  With large corporate clients from around the globe, we can design curricula and adventures of all kinds to fit your theme and demographic. We have experience designing adventures for ages 4 and up.

Our services include:

  • Consulting
  • Curriculum Design
  • Plot Writing
  • Staff Traing
  • Script Writing
  • Custom Costuming & Props
  • Marketing Materials
  • …and much more

Contact us and let us know what you need and let’s see what we can create together.

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Camp and School Adventures

Our staff can travel to your location – or you can come to ours – and we will give your organization an adventure to remember!  We can make it as complex or simple as you desire with a custom theme, story, or time period.   All of our staff are CORI/SORI background checked and fully certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED, as well as youth and group management.  We can run adventures spanning a couple of hours or an entire summer.  We can do weekly adventures at your location or be part of your after school program.   Give us a call at  (781) 270-4800 and let’s see what we kind of adventure we can make happen!

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