Custom Superhero Birthday Party

Grab your super suit because it’s time to save the world from the villain!

When a distress call is received, a lone defender appears to lead you and your friends through the City of SuperNova. SuperNova, once a superheroes capital, has now fallen victim to the clutches of an evil crime lord. On your journey to save the city, you’ll discover clues that will lead you and your team towards a dangerous discovery! One wrong turn and it could spell the end for your team of heroes or the city itself… 

Kids are encouraged to wear their superhero costumes and have their superhero name chosen.  

Customize with a Points & Powers Party

Why have a party when you can have an Adventure? The biggest and best party option at Guardian Adventures is the Points & Powers Birthday Party. Learn the game rules and then take on the role of a brave hero, evil villain or fearless sidekick. Then go forth into a customized adventure in a live action story. Costumed instructors provide criminals or mutants to fight, townsfolk to rescue, and everything else you’ll encounter. Scenery and props transport you to underground lairs, castle halls, haunted graveyards, or wherever the story takes you.  You design the theme of the party, we make your vision come true. The ending is unknown because you decide the outcome!

At Guardian Adventures, a wild imagination is the only limit for what kind of story you wish to explore. Our custom packages even provide you with an Event Coordinator who will sit with your young swashbuckler and discover what the best kind of experience would be for them.  We then get to work:

Our team develops a plot with the Hero’s input such as:

  • Who the characters are
  • What kind of staff costuming (scary or not-so-scary?)
  • Whether you want our inflatable caste walls to protect
  • What kind of lighting and sound effects
  • How about an 8″ tall baddie? (one of our actors on stilts)
  • How many supers do you want to meet?

It’s your adventure. Let’s rock it together and prepare for battle…

  • Themed Birthday Party Add-On Options
  • Birthday Party FAQ
Themed Birthday Party Add-On Options
  • Add a Stilt Monster: Have your hero battle a live 9-foot-tall monster! Your party goers will never forget that time they got to fight a monster on stilts.
  • Castles and Mazes: Add inflatable castles and walls for your hero to defend against the hordes of monsters, or to use as cover during an epic Nerf Battle.
  • Monster or Zombie invasion: Think your Hero can handle more monsters? Add more costumed actors to make the adventure more thrilling for your brave Adventurers.
Birthday Party FAQ

Can I watch my hero on their adventure?

YES! We have a parent lounge where the adults can sit back and relax while they watch all their young heroes save the day.

How should my child prepare?

Heroes should show up with long pants, closed-toed shoes, and their online waiver already completed. 

Why can’t my 4 year old participate in the adventure portion of my 7 year old’s party?

There are two main reasons for us to keep our age gap to two years for children under the age of seven. First, the size difference between heroes can be a safety concern. A 4 year old surrounded by 7 year olds can get lost in the crowd. Second, the adventure experience can vary drastically for different aged heroes. An adventure that is exciting and engaging for a 7 year old could be terrifying to a 4 year old.

Why do you only host NERF adventures for heroes over the age of 7?

Heroes who enter our realm can, unfortunately, not adventure here forever. We want to make sure that they get the best experience possible from the time they have. We have found that heroes under the age of 7 spend more time reloading or trying to un-jam their blasters than they spend actually playing.

Plan your Birthday Party today:

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