Phantom Physics

Quest for the Hidden Particle

What is the Phantom Physics?

NOTE: This complimentary online course that teaches how to run the adventure was made in partnership with CERN, who provided images and resources and with funding from the Mass STEM Week initiative. The adventure is either Zoom based or can be run in a classroom using a display screen and the provided slides.

Plot Synopsis:  Quantum Manor is a grand, mysterious mansion where Dr. Anna Lysis Quark, a renowned particle physicist, once lived. Rumor has it that she discovered a ‘hidden particle’ that could answer unsolved mysteries of the universe, but it vanished with her. Participants need to take on the role of scientists to unlock clues that teach basic physics knowledge while revealing the location of the particle. This is a Zoom-based or in-classroom interactive adventure for ages 8-12 that runs 30 minutes.

How Does it Work?

Using immersive storytelling to engage participants, this educational adventure surpasses simple participation and promotes emotional involvement – did you hear the 10 year old at the end of the video above who proclaimed they wanted to study particle physics now? This is because the story and challenges are designed to engage the students in an exciting endeavor of a captivating story wrapped around applicable problem solving. Each adventure has puzzles, activities, and clues that lead the students to discover more about the subatomic world of particle physics.

Everyone wants to be a hero. In our adventures, your attendees actually play the role of a hero who solves mysteries using STEM, history, and teamwork. Phantom Physics isn’t a program that your attendees take… it’s an online course that teaches you, the instructor, how to run the adventure, as well as providing videos, printable instructions, and marketing materials for promoting your adventures. You will receive step-by-step instructions and videos on each stage of the story. All the information you need to run Phantom Physics is on our course learning platform and explained in the Teacher’s Guide.

Is it Really Free?

Yes! You can run it in your own school, museum, science center, or other educational facility. We provide a list of everything necessary for running the adventure.

What this course provides:

  1. Instructions on how to run your own  Adventure along with step-by-step written instructions and videos
  2. All of the slides, images, and interactive puzzles for making your adventure immersive and exciting
  3. Marketing materials such as promotional video and social media banners to help you promote your adventure to your attendees
  4. Additional resources for teachers to continue the exploration of Particle Physics

Our objective in making this adventure free is to help younger students become inspired to pursue STEM or even particle physics inside and outside of school. If you wish to inquire about a custom made adventure for your teachers, students, patrons, or guests, please fill out the contact form below.

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