Weekly Online Adventures

But why have an event when you can have an adventure?

Weekly Online Events

Coronavirus: During this time of physical distancing SOME of our classes will be in-person as per our Phased Re-Opening. Meanwhile, our other classes and events are being held online through either Google Classroom or Zoom. We are also providing Online Homeschool Classes, In-Person and Online September Break Adventures, and custom themed birthday parties. Contact us for more information.

Weekly Dungeons & Dragons

Join us for a weekly game of roleplaying and imagination every Tuesday online! We also host Bard’s Path and Warrior’s Path sessions every other Friday from 7-9pm.

This online tabletop adventure is for 1st-level characters using published 5th Edition materials, standard array or point-buy ability scores, and standard starting equipment. The adventurers will be part of a dungeon-crawl storyline, with a good balance of combat and role-play opportunities.

Blackwatch Teen Adventures

The Blackwatch continue their adventure through the Nightlands, leaping from portal to portal. But what awaits them in the shadows, lurking in the dark? Only time will tell…

Join us for this teen (ages 13-19) live-action role-playing adventure. This is an interactive adventure where teen participants fight monsters and solve mysteries with STEM activities, character development, and leadership training techniques useful in the real world and in ours.


Zombie Adventures Online

In a world…where zombies roam…do you have what it takes to make it through our dungeon?

Welcome to Guardian Adventures Online! Join us on an interactive adventure where participants have a limited amount of time to figure out how to stop the spread of the zombie virus which is turning all of our Guardians into zombies.

Important information:

Register by filling out the form below at least 24 hours prior to this free event to ensure you get your login credentials in time
Limited to ages 9-15
Max: 20 attendees
If there is a waiting list, we will run this event again, so don’t worry about missing out

Pre-Registration for all online events is required at least 24 hours prior to the event.

To register for any of these online events, submit your registration form today!

To check the upcoming dates of any events, visit our event calendar or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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