Online Summer Camps with STEM

"Camp no matter what: Our campers need connection and engagement." Meghan Gardner

“Simply put, Guard Up changed my life. From the first moment I stepped into the tavern, to my last glimpse of the camp before I left, I was totally engulfed in the story, characters, and experience.”

– S Rosenthal

“(My son) had an amazing online experience with your camps. We live in Colorado but have friends in Massachusetts who have attended your camps. We have always been very jealous. Although we would never have wished this pandemic on anyone, the chance to experience your camps all the way from Colorado has been the best part of our summer.”

– E Rose

“The mentors are warm and engaging and do a great job. I appreciate the staff to kid ratio you’ve had. The staff does a great job of balancing silly and heroic elements in a way that strikes a chord with my kiddo. IN a time when real-life opportunities to get out and about are limited, I think my son enjoyed the chance to travel through these adventures. When we needed to wrap up the summer with a few more weeks this is what he picked!”

– J Riley

“My daughter has really struggled socially at school. This upcoming summer will be her third summer at Wizard & Warriors camp, and she tells us how accepted and included she feels…I told her that I wanted us to find a place where fitting in and having fun was natural and not hard. W&W camp has been that place. The staff work incredibly hard to connect with every camper. Quirky is accepted, creativity is encouraged, and teamwork is embraced.”

– Betsy Johnson

Let the adventure begin…

We get it, Parents.  Working from or at home is tough when your child can’t attend camps or other social activities due to the quarantine and slow opening process.  We are here as an option to keep your child engaged.  Let your homebound hero take their first steps into a virtual world designed by their imagination.

Guardian Adventures offers immersive and educational story-based Online Summer Camp for ages 7-19 as well as a Little Knights summer program for boys and girls ages 5-7.

We have half-day (9am-11:30am) and full-day (9am-3pm) as well as Quest Extended Day  (8:30a -5:30p) Online Summer Camp.

In addition, we have an “Overnight” (9am-9pm) Online Camp for ages 8-19. As part of our Overnight Camp, we have one of the most intensive and exciting online Counselor-In-Training (we call them “Monster Campers”) programs available.

Our camps involve two primary story realms…

Wizards & Warriors: Where campers are warriors, mages, or healers who use STEM in order to “power up” their characters as they navigate battles with fierce monsters and challenging mysteries to solve with their new friends and our storytellers and actors.

Zombie Adventure:  Where campers are defenders, scientists, and medics who use STEM in order to battle zombies, shoulder to shoulder with their friends, and save the human race in a post-apocalyptic race for survival.

It’s time to let the next adventure begin…

Dark times have arrived in the mythical realm of Sidelterra and it’s up to our band of young adventurers to save the day! Monsters, puzzles, and thrills await you on the quest, but it will require you and your friends to work together in order to restore order to land.

Our counselors become characters that will lead you through fantastic and perilous lands, spooky dungeons and laboratories, and difficult but exciting challenges. Costumes and roleplay bring the world to life and the choices you make directly affect how the story will unfold.

In the end, it’s your decisions that will determine if the world is saved…or if the dark magic will overtake the land.

What kind of hero will you be?

In Wizards & Warriors Camp the choose from the following guilds:

Fighters Guild

Though every hero knows how to hold and swing a simple sword, the Fighters Guild prides itself on the ability to train heroes how to use your weapon efficiently and effectively. In the Fighters Guild, heroes can learn and advance their ranks in combat abilities including Parry, Disarm, Maim, and Stun. Fighters Guild members must be ready to go on defensive marches, training missions, and monster hunts to learn their abilities. Heroes can also learn endurance through the Fighters Guild and advance the number of stamina points they have. Legends tell of other abilities taught by former Fighters Guild members including the most powerful of abilities… Slay.

Mages Guild

The secrets to spell casting and protection from enemy spells can only be learned by membership in this Guild. Mages must learn to identify and collect various spell components some of which can take days to be properly enchanted. Then, they must learn the incantations for their spells normally found only in Latin. Finally, Mages must then combine their ingredients into spell packets that are tuned for and selected by the individual mage. Mages can learn a variety of spells including Lightning, Root, Spell Shield, and Sleep. Mages must be willing to look for components guarded by monsters, speak to powerful creatures, and research in ancient libraries to learn their abilities. There are stories of powerful Mages who have learned to combine their spells with weapons but surely these are just stories…

Alchemists Guild

The Alchemists Guild specializes in creating toxins, traps, and potions by using their advanced understanding of chemistry and the natural elements of the world around them. They create solutions and reactions which produce tools for use in battles, unlike any other weapon. They must be sharp in intellect and patient with their research. They specialize in a style of problem-solving that may frustrate other guilds. Not every monster can simply be taken down with a sword or spell. That’s why the Alchemists are so vital to the quest…

Healers Guild

The Healers Guild are the most respected members of any society as they are preservers of life. The Healers Guild will teach you how to protect living heroes, heal injured heroes, and return lost heroes to their lives. Healers must gather and prepare ingredients for a wide number of potions, and they must also master healing magic to cast powerful protective spells. Healers can learn a number of abilities including Tend, Heal, Regenerate, and Restore. Healers must be prepared to search out the rarest of ingredients, must collect components from deadly creatures, and risk life and limb for others. Every day new ingredients and components are discovered…what will be the next potion discovered?

This summer our heroes will be embarking on a unique adventure as Sidleterra explores Moroccan cultural stories with new creatures and exciting challenges. It’s up to our heroes to determine the intentions of these new beings and how they affect this crossroads of myth, history, and literature. Are Djinn, Ghouls, and talking animals your allies, villains, or something in-between? While these new creatures are roaming around on the beaches of Sidleterra pirates are plundering the land and wreaking havoc on the locals. A cry for help is heard. The Gate of Destiny awaits you…

In Zombie Adventure Camp, choose from the following Divisions:

Strike Team

Battle-hardened and heavy blasters… this group is all about dominating the battlefield.  They are fearless in the face of overwhelming odds and often take heavy casualties… as well as give them.  Zombies may be scarce at first – but as the week passes, they grow in number and in strength. It’s up to Strike Team to keep them in check.


Without Intel, the battle is lost in this zombie war. Recon’s job is to gather as much information as possible about what’s really going on. This sometimes means entering zombie territory and breaking into the enemy’s labs to find the clues. Recon members hold awareness and intelligence above all else. Information is what makes humans more powerful than zombies.

R&D (Research & Development)

What’s the weakness of this latest breed of zombie? How do you work this new tech that was discovered by Recon? How can you make traps that slow down zombies and give Strike Team a better shot? All this and more is the monumental task of R&D. These aren’t just scientists… dangerous things happen when zombies are your test subject.

Spec Ops

When an ally needs to be rescued… or a building needs to be cleared, Spec Ops is called in. They work best infiltrating, obtaining their objective, and leaving… all without a trace. They value stealth, precision, and silent communication as the most important qualities in their division. They are the shadows that haunt the enemy in this zombie war.

An unknown threat has compromised Zee-Corp Headquarters! To protect the Defenders, the Artificial Intelligence System has brought them into a digital world until they can determine the nature of the threat, and how best to defeat it. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong and the Defenders are now stuck in the simulation until they can solve this new world’s problems. This digital world is full of zombies even stronger than those we’ve seen in the real world, as well as scientists we’ve never worked with before, like the visionary Dr. Valeria Frankenstein. Join new allies, battle fearsome foes, and find a way out of the simulation this summer at Guardian Adventures Zombie Camp!


The ability to do something that frightens one; strength in the face of adversity.


High respect; great esteem, adherence to what is right despite the influence or pressure of others.


Empathy, care, and concern for the mistreatment, suffering, or misfortunes of others.

Important Details About Online Summer Camp

  • What Can My Hero Expect?
  • What Will My Hero Need?
  • How Is Online Summer Camp Any Different Than Online School (which is not fun for my student)?
  • How Is Online Summer Camp Any Different Than Playing Computer Games All Day?
  • What About Screen Fatigue?
  • Why Do I Need Online Camp When My Child Can Just Go Outside And Play This Summer?
  • How Will You Keep My Camper Engaged For The Duration Of The Day?
  • What Enrollment Options Do You Have?
What Can My Hero Expect?

Online summer camp involves the following:

    • Live Zoom and Google Classroom meetings with a video platform
    • Face-to-face virtual communication with their new and current friends at camp while working together to work through challenges
    • Counselors and actors presenting live, interactive stories (as opposed to a video game or pre-recorded type of environment)
    • Physical activities that help the camper navigate the story
    • Group breakouts (separate online rooms for smaller groups of campers, led by a counselor)
    • Instructions for craft projects that can help the camper’s character succeed in the story as it unfolds
    • Virtual fields trips to museums to discover important clues pertaining to the mysteries that need to be solved
    • Hands-on STEM projects (materials list sent ahead of time) which allow your camper to “power up” and battle monsters
    • Scheduled Meal/snack/social times are monitored by staff within our environment (Note: We cannot monitor your camper if they move away from the computer or chooses to engage in activities or programs outside of the environment we control)
    • Challenges and scenarios designed to inspire your camper to develop the 3 traits of a Hero: Courage, Honor, and Compassion.
    • Online Camp runs Monday through Friday for all online camp types
What Will My Hero Need?

Requirements for online summer camp:

  • A big imagination! This is the most important thing of all. 
  • A computer with a video camera and microphone. Although not required, a portable device that can be used outdoors is encouraged. Live instructors will work with your campers on our conference platform and once registered, you’ll receive digital files with projects for your camper to complete for the physical aspect of the adventures.
  • A supply of printing paper, cardboard, tape and glue, and paint or markers, as well as any materials the camper wishes to use to create costuming and props for their character.
  • Sign/fill out the new online waiver form which includes language explaining our digital environment and our responsibilities.
How Is Online Summer Camp Any Different Than Online School (which is not fun for my student)?

Online Camp has very little in common with Online School.  Most importantly, our counselors (many of whom are teachers) and our programs are designed to place fun ahead of education… and engagement ahead of information.  As such, our online adventures are more like a computer game in that your camper has autonomy, a tangible sense of progress, and the companionship of their friends as they navigate the story.  As well, we have breakout rooms for smaller groups and new policies that will allow campers more freedom to communicate with each other, as long as their conduct is appropriate.

How Is Online Summer Camp Any Different Than Playing Computer Games All Day?

These are just a few of the ways that our Online Summer Camp is better than computer games:

  • Our counselors help your camper to learn appropriate online etiquette and build upon their confidence and skill for making and supporting new friends.
  • Our adventures are live and face-to-face.  What this means is that your camper isn’t playing games with computer-generated avatars, but instead, real people in real time.

  • Computer games cannot adapt to a player’s needs.  Our staff are engaged with your camper and available to address their questions and concerns.

  • A computer game won’t monitor your child’s interactions and keep you in the loop.  When campers are in our adventure or in separate virtual rooms, there are counselors there with them.  If campers are experiencing conflict with each other, our staff are there to assist.

  • A computer game won’t let your camper meet and make new friends face-to-face.  We have already had a number of our campers make new friends online and their parents connected with each other so that they could continue socializing online after the camp was over.

  • Computer games won’t get your camper involved in activities away from the screen in order to make progress in the adventure.  Your camper will be busy building props, costumes, and doing physical activities to help change the outcome of the story.

  • Our adventures provide a leadership experience for your older teens in our Online CIT program where they play characters and help run the plot for the kids.  This kind of responsibility and performance is a good addition to their job or college application.

What About Screen Fatigue?

Our campers have not reported Screen Fatigue from a full day of online camp.  This is largely because the adventures are inspirational and exciting instead of draining and boring (like some Zoom meetings for work that parents may have experienced).

As well, we have many opportunities to get the campers up and out of their chairs with physical activities that help move the story forward.  Exercise plays a big part of keeping campers mentally sharp and involved.  We also have scheduled breaks to allow campers to socialize with each other and eat meals. If you are still concerned about screen fatigue, please see our new Half-Day version listed below.

Why Do I Need Online Camp When My Child Can Just Go Outside And Play This Summer?

We remember being a child and spending our summer days outside, romping around with our friends, riding a bike to the swimming pool, and going to sleep-overs.  Unfortunately, many of these activities will be severely limited if not impossible this summer.  There will be limits on the size of group gatherings for a while and some of your child’s friends may not be available for in-person socializing.  Swimming facilities are not expected to open this summer and sleep-overs may not be the best option if the CDC is still requiring a level of physical distancing.  The summers we remember fondly will not be the summer of 2020.

How Will You Keep My Camper Engaged For The Duration Of The Day?

Our Online Camp mimics our Offline Camp with plenty of opportunities to roleplay, battle monsters, solve mysteries, learn STEM, and meet new characters.  Costuming is still a part of our online camp experience and we do encourage campers to attend dressed as their characters.  There are scheduled breaks throughout the day as well as many activities to get your camper up and out of their chair and moving around.

What Enrollment Options Do You Have?

You can enroll your child in the following program enrollment types:

  • NEW: Half Day (Mon-Fri 9a-11:30a)
  • Full Day (Mon-Fri 9a-3p)
  • Quest/Extended Day (Mon-Fri 8:30a-6:00p)
  • “Overnight” (Mon-Fri 9a-9p with a dinner break from 6p-7p)
  • You can sign up for 1 week or all 10 weeks

For information about pricing and dates, please fill out the form below.


8:30am Morning Game (Extended Day/Quest Start)
9:00am-11:30am Morning Session Module (“Overnight” and Day Camp Start)
11:30am-12:30am Lunch
12:30am-3:00pm Afternoon Session Module (Day Camp End)
3:30pm-4:00pm Snack
4:00pm-6:00pm Extended Day/Quest Module  (Extended Day/Quest End)
6:00pm-7:00pm Dinner Break
7:00pm-9:00pm “Overnight” Module (“Overnight” End)


Your hero will learn how to use their homemade swords and special skills while incorporating team tactics so that their group can withstand the hordes of monsters that plague the land. They will stand (virtually) shoulder to shoulder with friends and allies and face the oncoming threat with courage and resilience.


Campers learn how to formulate hypotheses and conduct experiments to test their ideas. They use their research and findings to solve the mystery of what happened, how it happened, why it occured, and what they can do with this information to succeed in the game.


Team Leaders help the Heroes learn what they need to know in order to succeed. All ages work together in their ongoing quest to “power up” by learning STEM. Once they prove their knowledge by teaching it to their friends, they gain skills and special powers for the battle.


Each summer, the story is based on a different world culture’s myths and legends. Heroes learn about monsters and characters from around the real world and throughout history as they gather important keys to solving mysteries, discovering treasure, and restoring peace to the land.

For more information on dates and tuition, please fill out the form below.

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