Custom Themed Birthday Party Adventures

Custom themed party adventures that are only limited by your imagination

It’s not every day that your child turns another year older and that can be tough when we are in a time of social exclusion.  We have the solution for your homebound hero:

Online Birthday Party Adventures

Allow us to take your birthday hero and their friends on an online interactive journey unlike no other.  Our professional instructors weave a tale of magical places where your heroes will fight monsters and save the world along the way.

A short list of the possible themed parties we can run for you:

  • Medieval Party
Medieval Party

Take up the mantle of knight, warrior princess, or fantasy creatures as we bring stories from the realm of medieval fantasy to life.

Step back in time with your friends and do battle like the noble warriors of times past. A fully costumed instructor will lead your party, dressed as a warrior from either medieval England or a fantasy realm from your favorite book. Kids are encouraged to wear costumes too, as they play fun interactive online games.

Also, if you are interested in medieval fantasy, you should check out our Wizards & Warriors STEM Summer Camp for a summer of adventure, monsters, and learning!

  • Warrior Princess Party
  • Superhero Party
  • Zombie Party
Warrior Princess Party

Ditch the damsel in distress cliche with our Warrior Princess Custom Birthday Party.

Dark forces have overtaken the land and now you and your friends are the last hope for your kingdom. Pick up your sword, straighten your tiara, and dive into adventure as you quest to restore the balance of good and evil. Magical creatures and mystical new friends are waiting to assist you on your journey, but make haste! Time is running out and only the Warrior Princess can save the day.

Superhero Party

Grab your super suit because it’s time to save the world!

When a distress call is received, a lone defender appears to lead you and your friends through the City of SuperNova. SuperNova, once a superheroes capital, has now fallen victim to the clutches of an evil crime lord. On your journey to save the city, you’ll discover clues that will lead you and your team towards a dangerous discovery! One wrong turn and it could spell the end for your team of heroes or the city itself…

Kids are encouraged to wear their superhero costumes and have their superhero name chosen.

Zombie Party


Put together a team of your friends and attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse by stepping into Professor Professerton’s laboratory to meet pets unlike any other. Help the Professor with his mad science experiments, while keeping the Zombie Apocalypse at bay. You may just have to save someone’s life with a zombie antidote.

Also, if you are interested Zombies and NERF, you should consider our Zombie STEM Summer Camp for exciting summer adventure filled with Zombies and learning!

Create A Custom Adventure:

Why have a party when you can have an Adventure? The biggest and best party option at Guardian Adventures is the Points & Powers Birthday Party. Learn the game rules and then take on the role of a brave warrior, wise wizard or fearless healer. Then go forth into a customized adventure in a live action story. Costumed instructors provide monsters or brigands to fight, villagers to rescue, and everything else you’ll encounter. Scenery and props transport you to underground lairs, castle halls, haunted graveyards, or wherever the story takes you.  You design the theme of the party, we make your vision come true. The ending is unknown because you decide the outcome!

Using a list of simple at-home items like paper towel rolls and cardboard boxes, we’ll keep your young heroes entertained as they help craft adventure props. The adventure is physically active and may include dance, exercise, or scavenger hut components woven into the fun.  

Join us today and let the journey unfold!


  • Attendees required to have a computer with camera and microphone
  • 10 participants per Host
  • 1 Hour Adventure (longer sessions available as add-on)
  • Material lists and technical information provided prior to the adventure

What is Guardian Adventures Online:

Why We Chose Guardian Adventures:

“The kids loved their adventure…Thank you for making this happen and giving them such an enjoyable experience,” – Shelley S.

“The children had a wonderful time and it was so great to be able to have kids join from all over the country when he normally couldn’t celebrate with them. (My child) was so happy he begged to immediately do it again. Thank you for making a quarantine birthday so special,” – Xan G.

“(We) wanted to profusely thank you for making (our son’s) party so magical and so special today. He could not stop telling us what an amazing time he and his friends had thanks to you crafting an incredible adventure. 

You helped make his quarantine birthday an incredible celebration for him. His friends all told him afterward how they loved getting to escape into another world together. Thank you for giving him and his friends such a joyful and creative experience amidst everything in their lives being turned upside down. 

…He was so, so happy!!” – Elizabeth

“Quick note to tell you, wow, we were really impressed with the job (you) did with (my son’s) long-awaited virtual party.  The best part was, I got to log in with my video off and on mute and witness the whole thing.  I never really understood what LARP was but now I have a new appreciation for it.  (You) made it tons of fun!  Also, it was so good for the boys to be able to see and reconnect with him after many months of not being in school together.  We will definitely be recommending (you) for future birthday parties and camps,” – Lisa P.

“(My son) had a wonderful time – thank you so very, very much. Tons of excitement when he came off the call. No sense that this is a ‘make the best of a bad situation birthday’ – just the feeling that this is a great birthday! Thank you again for your significant contribution to the day. I’m so very grateful,” – Natalya B.

“(My son) and his friends had an amazing time on his online birthday adventure last Thursday! Thank you for creating such a fun and engaging story for them. Your ability to keep 10 boys focused and not squabbling is a true talent,” – Nina F.

Plan your Online Birthday Party today:

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