Corporations: Online Events & Staff Bonding Adventures

Custom designed group and corporate events and adventure consulting

Custom Online Events

Take your team on a wild online adventure straight out of their imagination… Fight monsters, solve mysteries, and win treasure!

Special Team-Building, STEM, and Creative Problem Solving group events make skill-building fun and active… you haven’t experienced teamwork until you try to capture the treasure out of our virtual Monster Castle!

Your group events can be as simple or involved as you wish – from high-energy games that require strategy and team building to a full-blown adventure with instructors in costuming, makeup, and using digital effects.

This isn’t your normal staff bonding event. What other group events elicit battle cries from your normally shy receptionist? Give your team a chance to be heroic and see how it impacts their work. We promise an adventure that will give your employees bragging rights for a long time to come.

Online Staff Adventures

You haven’t seen staff bonding until you’ve seen one of our adventures. We can make it as complex or simple as you desire with a custom theme, story, or time period.  All of our staff are CORI/SORI background checked and fully trained in group management. We can run adventures spanning an hour or two or an entire day. We can create exciting adventures online for your adult employees or be part of your summer camp or after school program. Give us a call at  (781) 270-4800 and let’s see what kind of amazing event we can create together!

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