Get your camp tuition covered by hosting a party!

Guardian Adventures STEM Summer Camps are completely immersive worlds with actors, custom costumes, and special effects, all while incorporating STEM Education. In either our Wizards & Warriors fantasy camp or our Zombie NERF blaster camp, heroes of all ages can battle monsters, meet mythical creatures and characters, and grow as Guardians while solving the mysteries that await them in the magical land of Sidleterra.

We inspire our campers to become lifelong learners who want to make a difference in the world. They learn and grow as heroes within interactive stories that are safe, exciting, and educational while learning the tenets of a hero: courage, honor, and compassion. At our camps, young heroes are excited to learn, confident from the obstacles they’ve overcome, and make lifelong friends in an adventure they will cherish for years to come.

Join our quest to recruit more heroes for this year’s summer camp at Salem State University.  Here’s how it works:

We are offering to send a summer camp representative into your home to give a presentation on our program to your invited guests.

  1. You help our representatives host a “camp party” where you can invite any and all friends to learn about camp at your home.

  2. Anyone who is a new camper and not a sibling or resident of your household who signs up from your specific camp party will count as a referral on your account

  3. For each referral, you get the following referral fee:
    • $30 for each Blackwatch Camp referral
    • $60 for each 2 weeks Quest Camp referral
    • $200 for each 2 weeks Overnight Camp referral

Unlike our normal referral program, which awards referral fees as a coupon for future purchases, this program provides payment to the Host Party representative as a check for the full amount of referrals. You can earn up to and even more than the tuition you paid for your summer camp!

Attendees of a “camp party” should be other families who are interested in signing up for a Guardian Adventures summer camp program. We’ll gladly provide programming, and entertainment for any future campers in attendance, while we make another staff person available to present our programs to camper parents, and answer any questions your guests may have about our camps.  

Note: All children/teens participating in physical activities run by our instructors must have a parent or guardian present for the presentation and to sign a waiver. Referral fees to do not apply to discount or scholarship recipients.

Call us at (781) 270-4800 to hold your Camp Party today! The adventure of a lifetime awaits you…

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