Your Childhood Dream Is Coming True

For twenty some years, Guardian Adventures has been creating living adventures, fully immersive worlds complete with characters, costumes, special effects, and actors. Generations of campers have embarked on grand adventures at our summer camps, shaping the magical world of Sidelterra with their own choices and actions. We’ve made the imagination a tangible environment for kids to learn, grow, and experiment with morality. These kinds of adventures have brought us recognition in both the entertainment world as well as the academic as one of the frontrunners of live-action storytelling…

…and the world is catching up.

This uptick in the interest in live-action storytelling and tangible imagination has caused us to shift more of our focus at Guardian Adventures towards better explaining what it is that what we’ve created over the past two decades. Our company recently coined the phrase tactimedia, which we define as an experience that translates from media and touching every sense, from touch to taste, either tangible or imaginary.

If you’re keeping up with geek culture or the forefront of entertainment, you might have heard of one of the biggest tactimedial endeavors to hit America. One of your childhood dreams is coming true. Disney Theme Parks is making a vacation to the Galaxy Far Far Away a reality.

In the limited information released thus far, Disney has called their new Star Wars hotel, a.k.a the Galactic Starcruiser, an “All-Immersive” “Living Adventure” and a totally “Exclusive Experience.” This sounds really up our alley.

Take a look for yourself: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/destinations/star-wars-galactic-starcruiser/

In the last year, we’ve mentioned of how companies in Asia, especially South Korea, have hired us to teach them how to create their own versions of our interactive and immersive worlds.

We’ve also paertnered with Royal Caribbean Cruises hiring our team to design their onboard adventures for young sailors, pirates, and seafaring scallywags alike.

The tactimedial is something we’ve strongly believed in for over twenty years. We’re absolutely thrilled to be seeing other magic makers diving headfirst into the world of live-action storytelling with such ingenuity and gusto. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any new tidbits that are revealed about the adventure. But until the curtain is finally drawn, we wish you many wonderful adventures at our castle…and may the Force be with you (we had to say it).

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