What Happened To Guard Up?

Change is an inevitable byproduct of growth, and over the last twenty years, we’ve grown immensely. What started as a family swordsmanship facility has evolved and matured into an incredibly vast array of story-based adventures for all ages. Yes, swords are still a key piece of plot, but the focus has shifted. We used to teach self-defense. Now we teach science, technology, engineering, and math, as well as some battle skills with our foam daggers and NERF blasters.

Now that we’ve reached the ripe old age of twenty, we feel it’s time to rework our image to better reflect what Guard Up has grown to become. There’s one word that sums up all that we do best, and that word is Adventure. So to all of our friends, families, and zombies alike, we’d like to reintroduce ourselves.

We are Guardian Adventures.

Guard Up is still the corporation, but the operations now have a separate identity and can continue to grow in their own way, much like the heroes that embark on them. With this change in name, you’ll begin to notice other changes happening in the castle, online, and on the battlefield. The sign that hangs proudly on the front of our castle wall is brand new, with the new name and more focus on the educational curriculum that we’ve crafted over the years. The weekly Guard UpDate has a fresh new look.

We’ve even got new Guardian gear on the way…

The biggest upgrade in our name changing process is, as we’ve mentioned previously, our new website! The site boasts a well of information on our summer camps and school break adventures, fully customizable birthday parties, corporate zombie invasions and training, as well as a full section crafted specifically for educators interested in STEM and informal learning.

This change couldn’t be timed better.  Guardian Adventures has a significant number of large projects we are currently working for everyone from the Lexington Library’s Night at the Library adventure (where the characters are climbing out of the books and 100 teens have to find out how to put them back in before 10pm to save the library from “certain destruction”) to our wide-reaching international corporations like ST Unitas in South Korea and also our biggest international contract yet (soon to be revealed).

Curious? Take a sneak peek today at www.guardianadventures.com, (once we are done optimizing the site, we will move it to guardup.com).  Please reach out to us to let us know what you think. What blew you away? What could be better? We want to know!

From all of us here at Guardian Adventures, thank you for the last twenty years of magic, mayhem, and monsters. Cheers to the future. Let’s conquer it together and always keep adventuring…

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