Facilitated by Meghan Gardner and Leigh Melander, PhD

Are you tired of repeating the same old stories in your life?

Join us for a week of mythical exploration in the Catskill mountains, as we find our fire and author our own power. It’s time to break open and breathe life into your story…to grab it with both hands and make it yours. Come and take the first step of your journey to become the hero – and the author – of your own story.

We all live in a weave of stories – our own and those of the culture and communities around us. Far too often, we can find ourselves living into the stories that we come to expect, and the world expects from us. Our lives become about what it is we’re supposed to do, rather that what we really want to do. Women walk this path in a particular way, as we dance the tightrope of our goals and responsibilities. We can become smaller than we really are. And we get stuck, uncertain how to find our way back to the grandness of our deep dreams.

Come with us to break those stories open. To go deep into your sense of what is and what can be. And to find the courage and clarity to remember your own particular delights and power.

Five days of imaginal play, of laughter, adventure, myth, a quest or two, making and exploring masks, writing, thinking, dreaming, meetings with archetypal creatures who will help us find our own uniqueness…all in celebration of the superb weirdness that allows us to find – and claim – our passions and flout all of the ‘gottadoes’ that can turn our lives into an unsatisfying echo of what we want them to be.

Who is it you really want to be?

A Word about Weyrd…
We claim our weirdness! When we step into our own power, we are all a bit odd. A little uncanny. But the power of that weirdness is the power that comes when we claim our own stories, and look back to the roots of the word. For the Ango-Saxons, it was about fate. Destiny. About the bending and turning of possibility. And ultimately, about hope.

We are the Weyrd Sisters. The Women of Weyrd. Join us in weyrdness!

Workshop Fee: $675 if you book by July 31, 2018. After that, $820.
Includes all programming, materials and meals.
Commuters welcome. For ages 21+
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