Kids and Teen Nerf Adventures


nerf-classIs your young hero running around the house with a Nerf blaster? Does your teen dream of fighting off hordes of zombies and monsters? Is it a struggle to get your kid to unplug from the computer and get active?

Do we ever have the class for your young Warrior! Imagine a Nerf adventure for kids and teens where they are challenged physically and mentally in an environment that promotes education through entertainment.

Our Nerf adventures for kids & teens include:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Listening Skills
  • Communication Exercises
  • Lessons in Science
  • Creative Problem Solving and more!

Gamers are glued to the computer because they crave the dynamic excitement, autonomy, and tangible sense of progress.  In our Nerf adventure, we provide all of these elements… but in a live, physically interactive environment where they are mentally engaged, learning, burning calories, and making friends.

Get your young hero to unplug from the computer and challenge his or her mind and body in a live adventure filled with energy and creativity!


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