I am old… I was old when ancient things were newborn, old when mountains were still flat and oceans were but a damp mist in fetid air, old when time was a dream and Gods were infants…..I am old. I have seen men battle and have shed their blood. I have been wielded by hands both righteous and misled. I have learned where they did not. Even now, they call to me here, in the dark, amongst the stones. “Sharur”, they whisper, “All knowing tool of warfare… Famed Mace…bring us victory!”  I would shrug if able. I hear them coming even now, scraping at the doors of this tomb. They expect my help, but they will not get it without a show of virtue. I have EARNED this fickle disposition…for I am Sharur, greatest and wisest weapon ever forged…and I am old.”

This past Saturday, The proud Warriors of Sidleterra and the battle-hardened Zombie fighters of Z-Corp used the wise and ancient mace, Sharur, to defeat the great evil of Azag. Though Day Of The Dead has come and gone, it was a rousing success. No time for rest, however. We must now turn our attention to the coming Veteran’s Day and Black Friday Adventures. No plans and no school? No worries. All available heroes are needed to unsheath their swords and load their NERF blasters. Beyond the normal call of adventure, you can gain a special insight into the themes that will be explored during the coming camp season. Take a moment, regain your strength, and rejoin the battle November 12th and 23rd.