We’re getting close to winter break.  No doubt this instills a sense of fear in parents across the land.  What are my kids going to do?  Do I want them just hanging around the house all day?  Are video games a fair substitute for actually doing things? Nobody wants a vacation potato sitting around on the couch all week.  

Keeping children occupied is only part of the challenge.  You also want them to be entertained, engaged, and active.  While winter break is a vacation from the classroom, this doesn’t mean that learning needs to stop.  If that learning is wrapped around multiple layers of fun — even better.

Guard Up offers full day (and extended day!) winter break programs that offer children the chance to be wizards, warriors, and heroes.  From NERF blasters to spell casters, we provide an expansive forum for imagination.  

Isn’t that better than another episode of SpongeBob?  


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