A Typical Week at the Castle

If you ignore the castle walls, flickering lanterns, and enormous video display when you walk in the door, Guardian Adventures is a fairly unassuming, low-key kind of place.  You probably won’t even notice the NERF blasters or the wakizashi hanging on the wall.  And why won’t you notice any of these things?  That’s easy.  It’s all hard to see because of the mass of kids running around the building.

Some of those kids are here for fencing classes — a sport which looks deceptively easy, but is actually an unyielding test of skill and finesse.  Others are here for their Points & Powers sessions.  A disparate group of minds, united by a single story, create new worlds with incredible twists and turns all while building camaraderie.

Still more are here for NERF Night.  With their blasters ready, the forces of good and evil give way to the controlled, but impassioned aggression of a fight for survival and superiority.

Who else will you find?  Well, there’s Dungeons & Dragons players casting spells and rolling dice as if the fate of the world hangs in the balance — because it does!   You may also encounter a wayward monster or blood-thirsty zombie.  And, like some type of parallel H.P. Lovecraft-ian world, there are other fascinating creatures around every turn.

And that was just last week.   

Your imagination (and our costume closet!) allow you to be whoever you dream to be.  So we have to ask, what’re you waiting for?

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