At camp, costumes are so important to making a camper look the part of a Hero. Over these past couple of weeks we have seen so many creative Hero costumes, which shows how important their character is to them. This is why we want to give them the opportunity to learn more about the crafting side of things. After all of their time spent interacting with our fully costumed and masked characters, they will get the chance to learn how those costumes are made, and apply it to their own skills. We are planning a bi-monthly Costume-making Workshop, run on the first Friday of every other month. 
Of course, these skills don’t only apply to camp. The costume pieces your Hero makes with us will be usable for any character they play in class, at a party, or even outside of any Guard Up activity – it, as well as the skills they have learned, will be with them for the rest of their life. And we are honored to be a part of their lifelong learning.