Heroes of Sidleterra,

I have heard much about your strength and skill in battle. By now you must know that my good friend, Krali Marko, has been captured by the terrible Lamia and her Samodivi daughters. I have every good reason to believe that he has been taken to Zmeykovo, somewhere I never thought I’d go… But if I had, let’s say, the help of Heroes such as yourselves… I believe we could do anything!

Meet me here on the 16th day of the month, and we shall begin the search for my good friend.

Hope to meet you soon… with weapons ready,,

This was the letter left in the Lobby yesterday, addressed to the Heroes of Sidleterra, from a mysterious figure named “H.P.” He covered his face so we couldn’t recognize him, but he made a series of witty jokes on his way out… Who could this character be? And what does he know about Krali Marko? The only way to find out is to sign up for our April Break Adventure, from April 16th to 20th. So hurry, and claim a spot before we sell out! Let’s meet this H.P. and see what he knows…