The Rewards of a Growing Community

We love what we do. There’s nothing that we love more than when a new adventurer joins the ranks of hero. New campers for the summertime and new members for the whole year bring new imaginations to the table, adding more and more to our ever-expanding world. Our adventures are made for our community and by our community, so adding new friends is the best thing that we can do!

Everyone who walks through the castle door is stepping into a world of imagination, acceptance, and creativity. Anything and everything is possible when you’re surrounded by our Guardians and your fellow heroes on another grand adventure. This place, those stories, and these people all make being a Guardian one of the most rewarding experiences an adventurer can have.

Now, there are even more rewards to be had…

We want to give back to those who have given the greatest gift, a new friend, to us. That’s why we recently ramped up our referral program with new and improved rewards. Now, bringing in new summer campers and members of all ages can get you anything from discounts to cold hard cash (because everybody, even a zombie, loves cash). Check out the new rewards below:

child holding STEM experiment at camp

New Member Referrals

FOR YOU: Every new member* you refer who signs up for an Annual Contract or completes 3 months as a Flex Plan member will be a $50 check earned by you.

BONUS: As well, if you refer 5 or more new members in a single year we will give you a bonus credit of $200 that can be used for any of our offerings (excluding membership).

FOR YOUR FRIEND: Your friend that completes the membership application within 48 hours of their 2nd introductory lesson gets the $150 registration fee waived.

Camp Referrals

FOR YOU: Refer a friend to either of our day camp programs (Kingswatch or Quest) and receive $100 in cash per new camper*  that registers for 1 or more weeks of camp. Refer a friend to overnight camp and you will receive $200 in cash for each new camper that registers for overnight camp.

BONUS: Refer 5+ new campers to any of our camps in a single year we will give you a bonus credit of $200 that can be used for any of our offerings (excluding membership).

FOR YOUR FRIEND: Your friend will receive a $50 discount for each week of camp the new camper enrolls in.

*New Member or Camper is any new member or camper from a family that has never been a client of Guard Up before. You cannot refer someone in your own household. Referral Fees are paid out after camp or the 3rd month of membership is completed.

If someone you know would benefit from our STEM Summer Camps or weekly classes for all ages, you can use the form below to refer your friend to us. We will reach out to them and if they register for one of our camps or classes and are qualified as a referral, we will provide you with your referral bonus as per the program guidelines. We’re excited to meet all the new heroes that our current campers and members recommend and to grow our Guardian community more every year.

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