Two weeks ago, I had a phone call with successful Franchisor who pitched the idea of franchising our programs.  His own Franchise chain (which is nationwide) would fit nicely with our programs.  He was certain that he could bring our programs to a wide market within a year.  We talked about the difference between a Franchise model and a License model.  The biggest advantage that Franchise offers is a much higher level of quality control.  The biggest challenge of the Franchise model is the staffing necessary for a constant influx of new material for the Franchisees.  I explained that I cannot commit to such a large endeavor until I have the staff in place to make sure that we are not growing faster than we can provide quality service.  So we agreed to touch bases again in the future.

Many small businesses face the moment of opportunity and have to weigh the risk and the benefits.  The risk is obvious – it would take us from two camp locations to camps across the country.  Managing our quality would be a top priority… and a difficult one with such a wider “backyard”.  The benefit is the opportunity to reach kids and teens who cannot afford the travel expense of coming to our overnight camp.  It would mean bringing our educational adventures to more diverse communities.  And our mission to inspire lifelong learners who want to make a difference in the world would spread wide and far.

As much as our team may feel up to the challenge of impressive growth, we all know our limits.  So this is where you come in.  If we are going to grow our company, we need to grow our team.  We have found that the best staff come from referrals from our customers and friends.  We have quite a few job openings to fill in order to get us a step further into this journey.  I would like to ask you to think of people you know who might qualify and be interested in one of the positions listed below.  Our camps are growing.  Our parties/events are growing (we are booking months out).  And yes, I am still looking for a business partner – especially someone who has experience in managing significant growth with an eye to maintaining our culture, community, and quality.

All it takes is for you to forward these links to your social media feed… and to specific individuals you believe would love to take educational adventures to the next level.  Thank you so much for your help with this.  We are certain someone you know is someone we should talk to.

Business Partner Search:  Looking for someone with experience managing and growing a business
Director of Sales & Marketing: Ideal person has a strong background in sales training and marketing – especially online and social media marketing
Manager of Educational Adventures:  A great position for a manager who has worked with kids/teens/families as well as managing creative staff
Adventure Instructor: Part-time position for people who love to play pretend and have a passion for inspiring Heroes of all ages
Historical Weapons Instructor:  Part-time position for those who enjoy history and the different weapons styles from around the world
Camp Counselors: Seasonal position for teachers, MEd. college students, or those with previous camp counselor experience