The Future of Science is Female

Meet Camille Schrier. She’s a doctorate student at Virginia Commonwealth University, a lover of chemistry, and as of December 19th, she is the official 2020 Miss America. Prior to being crowned, Camille did something that delighted her audience and inspired young girls everywhere: she did a science experiment.

The Miss America pageant has traditional stereotypes that aren’t the most inspirational for young girls wanting to become professionals, experts in their fields, or trailblazers for the future. This year, however, the winner was a young woman who was passionate about making a statement and did just that. She showed beyond the shadow of a doubt that Miss America could also be a science expert…and an astonishingly entertaining one at that. Take a look at the scientific spectacle that won her the crown:

“Miss America is someone that needs to educate, be able to communicate with everyone, and that’s what I do as a woman of science. And we need to show that Miss America can be a scientist and that a scientist can be Miss America.”

The future of scientific advancement is an opening playing field for all genders. As a new decade takes hold of the world, we’re all watching excitedly as education grows, adapts, and improves. “We are delighted to see a Virginia Tech science alumna shine on the national stage,” states dean of the College of Science at Virginia Tech, Sally Morton, “and we’re even more thrilled that she is using her success to showcase the value of STEM education for kids and as a catalyst to encourage young girls to study science and do science.”

Think that this experiment is something you’d want to tackle (with a parent’s supervision)? The New York Times has a guide to giving it a shot yourself at home: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/20/science/miss-america-2020-camille-schrier-science.html

In the meantime, you can get all of your STEM and science kicks here at The Castle. Our weekly classes are chockfull of educational adventures and we’ve even got a full-day school break adventure kicking off this MLK Day (January 20th). Preregistration is required for the MLK Day event and can be done online. As always, Go Go Guardians!

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