The Fine Art of NERFing

For the uninitiated, NERF battles seem like fairly simple fare.  Take a blaster, load it with NERF darts, and blast your way to victory.  Ah, if only it were that easy.  We spoke with some of Guardian Adventures’s finest to get the inside scoop on how to be … NERFtacular.

Jesse Abrams:

Learn to snapshoot.  Keep as much of yourself behind a barricade when shooting.  The less of you that’s exposed, the better your odds of not being shot at!

Steve Malueg:

Reload tactically.  If your blaster is empty, don’t stop in the middle of the battlefield to reload.  Odds are, someone will take aim while you’re defenseless.

Michael Scofield:

Don’t get boxed in.  Always have room to move.  It’s great to think that you can blast yourself out of any situation, but odds are … you can’t.

Chris Dale:

Remember to aim where your target is going to be — not where it is.  Darts take time to fly through the air!


Guardian Adventures hosts monthly NERF nights for all ages.  To see the list of upcoming events, please check

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