It’s that time of year again… 

Calling all Heroes of Sidleterra and Defenders of Zee Corp! As November 3rd approaches, mysterious things are happening in the castle. Strange noises are being heard, letters from unknown figures are being found, and apparently our beloved Kellan has been kidnapped! Below are the letters, transcribed for all. 

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Heroes of Sidleterra,

Your work last summer in defeating the Lamia and bringing Orpheus to peace was inspiring to all, and Sidleterra’s inhabitants are forever in your debt. Your work will be written in lore and legends, to be recited by bards everywhere. So it is to my chagrin to ask you for your help yet again…

Heroes, I have been kidnapped. After Baba Yaga’s terrifying threat, I was doing my best to find out more information on Zarqa and her magical Sight, and other mysterious creatures that have been showing up in Sidleterra… But the more I read, the more I wanted to dive deeper into the past. These stories are old, Heroes. Some are older than anything we’ve ever dealt with before.

As I was exploring deeper into the past, I began to feel a terrible presence. Suddenly, these monstrous demons appeared and took me far away. I am in a very old and dark place, and I feel my magic waning. It was all I could do to send you this warning with the last of my power.

So please, Heroes, return to Sidleterra, save me from this place, and find out what we’re up against.

Please hurry,
Kellan the Blue Mage

Defenders of Zee Corp,

You don’t know me but I have heard of you. Your fight against the malicious X-Corp was impressive, and I hope you still stand by your position to defeat X-Corp at all costs.

You may have already met an agent of The Empire. They have merged with X-Corp and have taken their android assets for their own use. The Empire, now armed with the Zombie virus, is determined to destroy all forms of cultural information and technology.

I need your help to gather and save this information, to prepare for the inevitable collapse of civilization. Please meet me at the following coordinates, as that is the place where I will meet with my mentor to discuss our next step: 42°29’46.3″N 71°13’29.4″W

Hurry, Defenders. The Foundation needs your help.

Gaal Dornick