Below are testimonials from our wonderful members, campers, and parents. If you wish to share your Guard Up experience with us, send us your testimonial.

As you may already know, Kevin has decided to attend the Coast Guard Academy for college.  I know that you played a significant role in his choice of schools.  The teamwork and guardianship role that Guard Up fosters is the same as in the Coast Guard, so I think it’s no coincidence for him to go down this path.

For over 10 years, we have been part of the Guard Up community.  Bottom line is, you helped us teach him valuable lessons and life skills, from his first one-week summer camp as a 1st grader to JIT (Junior Instructor) to Monster Camper to AI (Assistant Instructor) in 12th grade.  Thank you!  The world is a better place because of the work that you do, and the young people that come out of your program.

Joice Himawan

Kevin Bennett

I searched high and low for a good program that will be of interest to my children. [Guard Up is] a great program to help children enhance many skills such as fine gross motor and motor skills, eye and hand coordination, increasing confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. This program enables them to work in teams to be better team players and to learn about negotiating as well.  Above all, it is such great exercise for the children and they are making friends and having great fun.  It gives each and every child a sense of belonging and makes them feel happy.  What perfect opportunity for them to go to Guard Up where children can enjoy being in an environment that is stimulating and empowering with trusted supervision from competent staff members. A program such as this helps to shape children in a positive way that is beneficial to every child. A big thank you to all the staff for being most professional, most patient and most kind.  We will see you soon once we get settled.  Thank you again for sharing this with us and for making my family be a part of this. Our boys love Guard Up! Kudos to a great job at Guard Up!

Maria Graffeo – Pustizzi

“With the exception of a few pokes in the stomach, bumps, and bruises my time at guard up has been nothing but a happy experience all around. Even if I’ve only been here for a fraction of the time many others have been here, I believe that I have been accepted as a member of the Guard Up family.  Guard Up helped me find a place where I could be myself and not face harsh ridicule and judgement. And I am dedicated to helping anyone else who walks through those castle doors feel welcome and safe. So, overall, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of the very culmination of my being for for creating one of the few sanctuaries that can help someone like me face the cruel things life can throw at you, and leave behind positive and healing vibes.

With overwhelming admiration,
Panda (a student)

My son just told me today…..”I love Guard Up!” He has made so many friends and has developed much improved confidence! I am so pleased as well. Well organized place, yet flexible and easy to work with! I highly recommend!

Lynn (Mom of Patrick)

My son was shy until he came to GuardUp! You’d never know it now – he takes 9 hours of classes a week, knows what he wants to be when he grows up, and asks his friends to work together on action-film projects at home. He’s become a confident script-writer and actor in school-related extra-curricular activities, and is a junior instructor-in-training at Guard Up!

He loves the summer camp. He didn’t know any of the other kids the first time, but got to know them quickly. I think the opportunity for the kids to design their characters and work together is great. We were happy that there was an EMT and nurse practitioner at the camp who understood his allergies. My son also enjoyed having his father participate in the fun on the last day of camp.

Valerie Rushanan, Mom

I have really liked how my son has found a positive outlet for his energy and interest in battles and weapons. The Guard Up staff has done a tremendous job of teaching skills within a strict context of safety, respect, and fun without anger.

Anne Caron, Mom

My son is shy and doesn’t like many physical activities. At Guard Up, he is physically active, using his imagination, making friends, and learning teamwork in a non-competitive environment. It’s great to see un-plugged and excited to go.

Eve (Mom of Evan)

My boys, ages 14 and 12, are in their 5th year @ Guard Up. I can’t say enough about the classes, and most importantly the instructors. They are great role models for the kids. Through their efforts, the kids utilize their imagination, building their leadership and social skills. They look forward to class every week; and eagerly look forward to the day and residential camp.

Penny Nichols-Cordero, Mom

My son is a cautious person and doesn’t like to try new things. He was hesitant to go to Guard Up at first so I just signed him up for a couple of days, giving him the choice to go to another (familiar) program instead if he didn’t like it, but he decided he preferred Guard Up so then I signed up for another two days. On the final day, I offered him a day at home or return to Guard Up, he really wanted to return to Guard Up, preferring it to the normally irresistible prospect of lying around at home doing nothing but stupid computer games. From Jeffrey, this was a ringing endorsement. He liked the counselors and whenever I saw them in action they seemed to be putting their hearts and souls into the program. Thank you for this great program – I’ll definitely look into the summer camp. And thanks especially to Lisa who went above and beyond to help me out in various ways.

Ann, Mom from Littleton

Guard Up has provided my son with an uplifting and healthy outlet to expand upon his interests and meet peers who have similar interests. Guard Up provides a wide variety of strategic, cardiovascular, fun, and multi-modal classes that would touch upon the interests of any child, adolescent, and even adult. We are very grateful to have found Guard Up.

Linda Bartlett

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we appreciated all that you did for Jacob Pimentel’s birthday party this past weekend.  My son was thrilled with the entire process and party.  He has such a active imagination, being part of the initial planning meeting meant the world to him.  Then to see the completed party based on his initial thoughts brought him great satisfaction.  The party was a blast, the kids had a great time.  The staff were exceptional with the kids.  When asked later that day how his day was.  Jacob, after thinking for a moment said “Amazing”.  This is high praise from Jacob, the party thanks to the staff could not have been more perfect.

The party has been all the talk in the class this week.

Thank you again for all your efforts.  
Stacey Pimentel

Eric has tried fencing and other sports but wasn’t coordinated enough so he loves the ACE class because his movements don’t have to be so precise. His upper body strength and confidence have improved because of the class. I think the instructor is great because he’s creative and inspires and engages the kids.

Jessica von Hippel

The personal connection my son has developed with his [Guard Up] teachers has fostered his self-confidence which in turn has generated a true desire to learn and develop his fencing skills.

Rebecca Gruber

All of my children have taken classes at Guard Up and loved the experience. The group of homeschoolers we join weekly to participate in these swordsmanship classes all have told me that each week their children can’t wait for the next class. My boys aren’t interested in taking any other organized classes and several of their friends too, have said they are only interested in classes offered at Guard Up. The place is warm and inviting, and the instructors are terrific! They really know how to play with the kids and teach them through interactive games that thoroughly engage their minds and bodies. The exercise they get is a big part of why we sign up every winter. These kids are getting an hour or more of intense cardiovascular exercise, the instructors keep them running nonstop, and they love it! Thank you Guard Up!

Leyla Herbawi

Most people think we’re crazy for driving so far, but I explain to them that you guys are the only place around that take kids that young and that Dana loves it and is having a ball!

Lonna Nielsen

The Leadership Program is a great opportunity for Andrew, even though he is young. Guard Up is very well priced, very kind and courteous. More places should be like you.

Ruth Krause