In our NERF universe, we’ve seen robots, psychics, and more zombies than you can shake a foam sword at…but why stop there? We’re big fans of “what if.” What if there was a new class of character for the NERF-verse? What if we could flip the world on its head? What if we introduced Super Heroes into the world? Well, guess what. We just did.

The “Sups” will be making their official Guardian Adventures debut and joining the lore of Sidleterra at our NERF Adventure Night this Friday, the 15th. They will then become a steadily rocking piece of the NERF-verse, in our summer camps, MLK Full Day Adventure, as well as all NERF Adventure Night’s to come. Curious how it all works within the story? Here’s what’s planned:

Technology has far surpassed its potential and complexity as predicted by modern experts. The constant meddling of unethical and taboo science from illegal organizations like X-Corp, Q-Cure, terrorist organizations, and mad scientists has reached a tipping point. Super powers are now a modern threat and commonplace to Siddleterra. Interdimensional travel has opened the door for superior evil to take more concrete forms within the realm. 

The first documented evidence of super powers was discovered when Zee Corp began experimenting with Z-Weapons and alien technology. Shortly after, separatist group of ethically questionable scientists broke off to form X-Corp which began heavily using Z-Weapon technology to produce “Super Soldiers.” Simultaneously, Q-Cure was started upon the recovery of The Elixir of Life, discovered by the heroes in the far future.

There’s been a fallout of Zee Corp and other government agencies trying to prevent total destruction and world domination from a new threat every other summer. Radiation, diseases, mutations, time fluctuations, and powerful discarded artifacts have affected an unknown number of communities and caused the transformation or evolution of those exposed into something more…super.

The powers are attributed to the class of Sup. There are big Brutes, smashing and slamming their way through the enemy. Psion heroes sneak past the obstacles using their invisibility and cunning. Next in line, we find the Gadgeteers, using holograms and sticky traps to contain and distract their foes. Finally, the Sups host Elementals. The Elementals are mutated beings with supernatural command over the elements of the natural world. Fire, water, air, and earth are the tools of these Sups, usable as both protection and weaponry. What if two Elementals combined fire and water? What if a Brute and Gadgeteer worked together to surprise an enemy in heavy armor? We’re almost ready to find out.

If this doesn’t sound like something you want to explore, no problem.  All current Defender Divisions are still part of the universe.  Your characters can progress as they have been and you can experience the adventure as you have since you started.  The new Sup class is just an addition that allows those that want to try something different a new range of new opportunities in the world of Outpost 379.  Together, Defenders and Sups just might have a chance to save the human race!

If you feel ready to pick your powers and get super in our NERF-verse, you can sign up for this Friday’s NERF Adventure Night. Best of luck to our new Sups! Use your powers wisely, work together, and remember to always ask “what if.”

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