Needless to say, things have been a little…different this year. Life threw our merry band of adventurers a curveball, but our heroes are the kind who won’t back down from a challenge. Our parents, our students, our campers – everyone came together and helped our team make an online world a truly amazing and magical place. We thank you all profusely for the enthusiasm that you’ve provided in making Online Summer Camp a wonderful adventure that we can all look forward to this summer.

Quarantine won’t last forever though (even if it feels that way). We’re excited that we’re beginning to see hints of normalcy on the horizon. With what we’ve been told from both national and local health agencies, we are hopeful that The Castle will begin to reopen to our community midway through Phase 3 of Burlington’s reopening. Phase 3 begins June 29th (as of now – this could change), which means very shortly after that you’ll begin to see events and classes being announced as in-person and back at our favorite facility.

We will still only hold camp online through June and July, but the possibility of seeing some of our regular adventurers in person has our entire staff smiling. We expect that fencing and NERF will be two of the first classes to return to The Castle as they provide the most protection against person-to-person contact.

We also are brainstorming how to hold full-day adventures, similar to our school break adventures, on a limited first-come-first-serve capacity, reserved for currently active members and campers. This will help us prepare for the possibility of a full day camp at our facility this August.

We are working diligently to make sure we do everything we can to keep the facility safe. At the start, classes or events will not run simultaneously, limiting the number of people inside the building. New cleaning measures will be put in place indefinitely.

One important difference is that student and camper equipment will no longer be shareable – which means that you must bring your own personal equipment.  In order to offset this expense, we are offering significant discounts for a limited time on our 2020 Retail Order Form.  We are not providing Fencing Equipment at this time and encourage you to purchase your equipment from Blue Gauntlet or another reputable provider. If you or your child typically use our facility equipment, please be sure to arrive at our facility with your own equipment already in hand so that you can enter the class, camp, or event.

Requiring our students and campers to purchase their own weapons was not an easy decision.  However, based upon currently known guidelines from the state, it seems a clear decision. We know it is a change to the way we’ve done business in the past,  Change is never easy.  We understand that.  But harder than change is the fact that failure to change the way we interact with one another puts everyone’s health in jeopardy.

Our heroes have learned the importance of Courage, Honor, and Compassion.  We wish to lead by those very same virtues and there is nothing more compassionate than ignoring our own inconvenience in favor of the safety of our friends and family.  To quote one of our favorite movie lines, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.”

We are constantly striving to make our castle a safe space for learning, having fun, and adventuring with your friends in the Guardian Adventures community.

Your Team at the Castle

PS  With all of this in mind, we’re curious: What would you want to see make a triumphant return to The Castle first? Let us know in the form below. Until we see you again face to face – stay active, stay engaged, and keep adventuring.

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