1. All entries will be at the back entrance.  
  2. Parents will drive to the back entrance and parents and students will remain in the car.  
  3. While in the car using a cell phone or other device the student will complete the COVID SCREENING FORM.  This form must be completed before every class or you will not be allowed to enter the building.  
  4. A staff member will approach your vehicle to confirm that the form is complete and that the student is wearing a mask.  
  5. Once the staff person has confirmed that all of those requirements are met, they will signal that it is okay for the student to exit the vehicle.  The student will then be directed to enter the building at the appropriate time.  
  6. Students will be directed to particular locations in the adventure/class space to ensure maintenance of social distancing guidelines.  Please observe markings on the floor.
  7. Parents MUST stay in their car at the facility for the duration of the class.  If their child/teen is unable to abide by the health and safety rules, they will be escorted to the exit of the building and they must go to their parent’s car. We will not be monitoring the child after they depart the building.

Classes are being rescheduled to reduce/eliminate overlap in the parking lot.  

  • Adventure/ACE/Historical Weapons  
  1. Remember that students will no longer have the option of using Guard Up weapons or costume items.  Students will need to provide all of the costumes, props, and weapons necessary for their respective classes. 
  2. New students, as part of their introductory lessons, will receive a complimentary foam short sword (for sword classes) at their first class. 
  • Fencers
  1. New fencers will be allowed to borrow fencing items only for their introductory classes. They will then have to purchase fencing gear.  This means that all fencers need to have a replacement blade in case their own blade breaks as they will not be able to borrow one of our foils to complete the class.  Please purchase a fencing bag to transport fencing gear. 
  2. Fencing students should arrive fully dressed, they will not be allowed to change clothes for class while inside the building.  They do not need to be wearing their fencing mask to enter the building but they will need to be wearing a cloth mask and that mask must stay on under their fencing mask.


  1. Parents will be welcome to view their children’s classes on our new WiFi Cameras.  You will be provided detailed instructions for downloading the app and accessing the cameras at the end of this document.  
  2. Parents/Siblings/Friends/Visitors/Vendors will not be allowed into the building except by appointment with a particular staff member.  All purchases of retail items, class upgrades, school adventures, events, etc. will be via phone or internet only.   We will no longer accept cash.
  3. Upon entering the building, students will be directed to put any personal items in the “Red Zone” that exists around the entire adventure space.  There will be markings on the floor to indicate proper distancing.  
  4. Students must keep their breathing masks on at all times except for taking drinks from their personal water bottles.  Please note that the water fountain in the hallway will no longer be operating.  Each student should arrive with a full water bottle.  There will be no additional drinking water available to students until 8/13/20 when a foot-operated water bottle fill station will be installed.
    1. Students needing to use the restroom during class will first need to inform the instructor.  
    2. Only one student at a time may head to a particular restroom.  Students will place any personal items or weapons with their other items in the Red Zone or in an unoccupied space in the Red Zone if they have no other items there. 
    3. Students will then proceed to the appropriate bathroom using the hallway that leads directly to the restroom of their gender identity.  If you are trying to reach the boys room from Cyclops or Dragon Room while another class is taking place in the Ogre room, simply use the former Fencing Closet to pass through to the other side.  
    4. After using the restroom, you must wash your hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds and dry them using the disposable paper towels.  On the way back (using the same hallway) to the class, you should use the hand sanitizer at the entrance to the adventure space as a further safeguard against infection.


  1. At the end of class, students will be responsible for gathering all of their belongings and exiting directly from the adventure space down to the front of the building and promptly exiting the building.  Students should maintain social distancing on their way down the hall and should also use the hand sanitizers as they pass them on their way out.
  2. Students must keep their masks on until they are INSIDE their vehicle.  Failure to keep one’s mask on at any time while in the building or the parking lot is grounds for exclusion from classes.
  3. Parents should be waiting in their cars near the front of the facility.  Regardless of the weather, students will not be allowed to stay inside the building or congregate in the front.  Parents must be present to pick up their students.  Guard Up will not be responsible for students once they depart the building.


The procedures noted here are part of Guard Up’s overall COVID-19 Control Plan.  This plan is designed to minimize the risks to our students and staff of contracting this, or any other, infection.  It is not a guarantee that any particular student will not contract the virus while on our property.  By entering our building you acknowledge that risk and agree not to hold Guard Up, its affiliates or officers, liable if a student contracts the virus.  We will inform you promptly if a student or instructor with whom you may have come into contact is diagnosed with or tests positive for COVID-19.

Our COVID-19 control plan includes time to clean and disinfect the adventure spaces between classes to further protect everyone.  That is why you may notice that T1 classes are 50 minutes in length and T2 classes are 1 hour and 20 minutes in length.

As mentioned in other correspondence and above, we will no longer allow students to borrow weapons from Guard Up for use during class.  All students are required to purchase their own items either through Guard Up or through an approved vendor for use in class.


  1. To access our WiFi Cameras you must be connected to our guest network 5WORD5-Guest using the current password which will be shared by a staff member who will meet you at your car.
  2. Once you are connected to the guest network you will need to download, install, and open an app HeimKits from Himalaya Trading Inc.  (You will only need to perform this step once).  
  3. Once the app opens on your mobile device you will create an account by registering your email address with HeimKits.  
  4. Then tap the + symbol to add a device.  
  5. On the next screen, tap Kit and the app will locate our cameras.  
  6. You will see 2863325023 and the letter NVR>, tap the arrow next to NVR.  
  7. On the Add Device screen, you will have to enter the password (provided by a staff member in-person) and then tap Complete in the top right-hand corner of the screen.  
  8. In a few moments, you will see a message that the device has been added successfully.

  • Using the App
  1. You can then tap on the thumbnail to show the live cameras.  
  2. There are 3 cameras installed.  You can double-tap the camera you want to focus on to make that camera full screen.  
  3. Once you have set up your access you can view just open the app and tap the thumbnail while sitting in your car.  
  4. We will be changing the password periodically so watch the GuardUpdate for new passwords.

Friends, Parents, and Students,

While our staff thoroughly enjoy running online adventures and classes as well as online summer camp, we are also excited for the day we can slowly open the castle doors and welcome everyone back. As you can imagine, though, when we do come back we know life will never be the same.  

We have been in regular contact with the health department and the state regarding how to reopen safely. Our planned phased reopen date (if the trend for new cases continues to stay level or lower) will be Wednesday, August 5th. Please note that there will be significant changes in both our class schedule as well as procedures. We will start with only one class on Wednesday and another on Thursday so we can help our staff and students ease into our new operation model. We do not expect to be open for all classes and events for quite some time… so we appreciate your patience. We WILL continue with online programming as we phase into a full reopening. After we are fully open, we may continue with online programming if there is enough demand.

The health and safety of our entire community require that we change how we do business. Prior to the stay-at-home order from the Governor, we instituted new cleaning and disinfecting procedures as well as installed hand sanitizing stations at the entrance to each of our adventure spaces. These procedures will continue.


After polling our staff and some of our clients, we have decided that we will not be providing offline summer camp during August. We will continue our successful course of Online Day Camp sessions through the remainder of the season. If you plan on attending more sessions, please register ASAP as some of the weeks are close to capacity.

We are also partnering with a school in the UK, creating online STEM adventures and classes for their teachers to use and distribute to their member schools. In addition, we will be making this curriculum available via our Learning Platform for schools here in the US which are opting to either teach remotely or perform a hybrid of remote and in-person schooling.

As well, we are researching the possibility of running Remote Homeschooling Classes for our customers who wish to continue their education online during the school year. These classes will be made available for any existing and new students. If you are interested in these classes, which will be held Monday through Friday from 11-2pm, please let us know.


The first week in August, we will start phasing in our in-person classes.  Here is the latest version of the schedule. These classes are open to anyone homed in that day’s same class/age type. If there is enough room, students from other days may also attend. We are starting with NERF and Fencing classes first because it is easier for students to maintain distance and also to limit contact exposure. Note that the classes now end 10 minutes early so that our team can disinfect and to limit cross-traffic between entering students and students leaving class.

The following are now available as in-person classses:

Wednesdays 4-4:50pm for youth fencing

Thursdays 4-5:20pm for NERF ACE (combined with Sword ACE to make one T2 class – students from either class can attend, however only NERF blasters will be used)

Saturdays 10-11:20am for TS fencing and 12-12:50pm for T1 fencing

NOTE: Arrive dressed for class! There will not be any available space for changing clothes.


The next phase in our effort to be able to open and operate safely is halting the use of shared/borrowed weapons. Effective immediately:

    • Properly fitted and worn Masks (not handkerchiefs) are required of all students, staff, and any individual in our facility, in our parking lots, or anywhere on our property. Before exiting your car or stepping foot onto our property, you should be wearing your mask. Mask MUST cover the bridge of the nose, nose, mouth, and full chin.
    • The only shared weapons will be the ones used by staff or non-player characters (those playing story enhancing characters instead of their own character).  Enrolled students MUST have their own weapons and equipment in order to enter the building and attend class.
    • Admission will be done through the back and the front door will be solely used as an exit.
    • Anyone in the building is expected to maintain social distancing of six feet.
    • Parents will not be allowed inside the facility and all transactions will take place over the phone or through forms/emails. Livefeed cameras have been installed so that parents can still watch their students in the adventures from the safety of their cars.
    • We will maintain a small inventory of fencing gear that will be available ONLY to trial students arriving for an introduction to fencing class. Enrolled students MUST have their own equipment in order to enter the building and attend class.
    • We will also provide a limited inventory of foam swords and NERF blasters for one-time experiences such as birthday parties and events. These will NOT be available for enrolled students or campers to use.
    • All equipment used by staff and one-time or trial students will be sanitized at the end of each class or day and may not be used by a different person until it has been fully sanitized.
    • Trial students enrolled in paid introductory lessons to non-fencing classes will receive their own complimentary short sword prior to their first introductory lesson which they will then take home.  
    • Proper signage reminding everyone of these rules shall be posted at the entrance and other conspicuous locations throughout the facility.

In Sum:

  • Enrolled students and campers must provide their own authorized equipment and they must take it home after each class to be washed or disinfected.
  • You will see this policy repeated often because it is very important that you understand that those who show up without their own properly fitted mask and weapons or equipment will not be able to participate or enter the building.
  • There will be no exceptions to this policy.


For Fencing Students: To avoid any missed classes when we return to operation, please visit now and order your equipment. If a student has questions about their sizing needs please call us at (781) 270-4800 or contact us with your name, email, and phone number and one of our staff will get back to you. We feel that directing you to our supplier will provide you with the most savings possible and also allow you to have your equipment delivered directly to you.

Required Equipment (MUST be purchased in advance by students and brought to each class): Foil, Glove, Mask, Jacket, Plastron, breathing mask.

We recommend this breathing mask for fencers for under their fencing mask:

Absolute Safety Sports Mask

  • $19.99 each
  • Athletic fit face mask suited for fencing as it extends down below the bib as well
  • Can also use this mask for other activities increasing its value

For NERF Students: You must own your NERF Blaster. These can be ordered through Amazon or Walmart or many other retailers. Note that due to the nature of streamlining the items we carry and have to disinfect, we will only be using Rival rounds and so all NERF blasters that are used in our classes and programs should be compatible with Rival Rounds. You can see the RIVAL Blasters at Please order now to have them ready when the castle reopens. Blasters that have been modified to make rounds shoot faster or harder will not be permitted onsite. Again: NERF blasters that use NERF darts will NOT be permitted at the facility… only those that use Rival Rounds.

For ACE and Points & Powers: Most of you own one or more foam weapons. However, if you don’t own a sword or shield or if you wish to purchase more, we have extended the 25% discount on these items. You can access our Online Order Form and we will have your items shipped to the castle for pickup when we reopen. Those who come to class without their own weapons will not be able to enter the building or participate in class.

Required Equipment (MUST be purchased in advance by students and brought to each class):

ACE: Eye Protection, Rival NERF Blasters 

P&P: Eye Protection


And finally, let’s talk about gloves. Some people think they will help reduce the spread of viruses, others disagree. In general, the argument is that you are less likely to touch your face while wearing gloves and you are not touching people or objects with your bare hands. On the other hand, once you touch a person or object with your gloves they are potentially contaminated and you would not normally sanitize them while on. Consequently, frequent hand washing and the use of sanitizer are considered your best protection against the spread of germs. If you use gloves, be cognizant of the dangers of touching your face or bringing them home with germs on them.



Requiring our students and campers to purchase their own weapons was not an easy decision. However, based upon currently known guidelines from the state, it seems a clear decision. We know it is a change to the way we’ve done business in the past and that change is never easy. We understand that. But harder than change is the fact that the failure to adapt the way we interact with one another puts everyone’s health in jeopardy.

We will be sending out additional information in the following weeks with the following:

  1. How to engage with staff regarding your account
  2. Filling out and submitting COVID screening forms before each class day
  3. and much more…

Our heroes have learned the importance of Courage, Honor, and Compassion. We wish to lead by those very same virtues and there is nothing more compassionate than allowing for inconveniences in favor of the safety of our friends and family. To quote one of our favorite movie lines, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.”

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

We look forward to seeing you back at the castle soon.

Needless to say, things have been a little…different this year. Life threw our merry band of adventurers a curveball, but our heroes are the kind who won’t back down from a challenge. Our parents, our students, our campers – everyone came together and helped our team make an online world a truly amazing and magical place. We thank you all profusely for the enthusiasm that you’ve provided in making Online Summer Camp a wonderful adventure that we can all look forward to this summer.

Quarantine won’t last forever though (even if it feels that way). We’re excited that we’re beginning to see hints of normalcy on the horizon. With what we’ve been told from both national and local health agencies, we are hopeful that The Castle will begin to reopen to our community midway through Phase 3 of Burlington’s reopening. Phase 3 begins June 29th (as of now – this could change), which means very shortly after that you’ll begin to see events and classes being announced as in-person and back at our favorite facility.

We will still only hold camp online through June and July, but the possibility of seeing some of our regular adventurers in person has our entire staff smiling. We expect that fencing and NERF will be two of the first classes to return to The Castle as they provide the most protection against person-to-person contact.

We also are brainstorming how to hold full-day adventures, similar to our school break adventures, on a limited first-come-first-serve capacity, reserved for currently active members and campers. This will help us prepare for the possibility of a full day camp at our facility this August.

We are working diligently to make sure we do everything we can to keep the facility safe. At the start, classes or events will not run simultaneously, limiting the number of people inside the building. New cleaning measures will be put in place indefinitely.

One important difference is that student and camper equipment will no longer be shareable – which means that you must bring your own personal equipment.  In order to offset this expense, we are offering significant discounts for a limited time on our 2020 Retail Order Form.  We are not providing Fencing Equipment at this time and encourage you to purchase your equipment from Blue Gauntlet or another reputable provider. If you or your child typically use our facility equipment, please be sure to arrive at our facility with your own equipment already in hand so that you can enter the class, camp, or event.

Requiring our students and campers to purchase their own weapons was not an easy decision.  However, based upon currently known guidelines from the state, it seems a clear decision. We know it is a change to the way we’ve done business in the past,  Change is never easy.  We understand that.  But harder than change is the fact that failure to change the way we interact with one another puts everyone’s health in jeopardy.

Our heroes have learned the importance of Courage, Honor, and Compassion.  We wish to lead by those very same virtues and there is nothing more compassionate than ignoring our own inconvenience in favor of the safety of our friends and family.  To quote one of our favorite movie lines, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.”

We are constantly striving to make our castle a safe space for learning, having fun, and adventuring with your friends in the Guardian Adventures community.

Your Team at the Castle

PS  With all of this in mind, we’re curious: What would you want to see make a triumphant return to The Castle first? Let us know in the form below. Until we see you again face to face – stay active, stay engaged, and keep adventuring.

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