We don’t stop enough.  Something about the power of having infinite info at our fingertips and free 2-day shipping created the overwhelming need to keep on moving.  The funny thing is that you don’t notice how distressing it has become until you’re forced to stop. Usually that stoppage comes at a cost — injury, loss, or extreme distress — but when it happens by choice, it becomes an exceptional, life-altering reward.

On Friday afternoon,  I drove out from Guardian Adventures to the Spillian Estate for a weekend of Fire and Ice.  There’s something wonderful about a long, solo drive. With ample time to think, and no need to justify the occasional distraction, it’s an ideal way to decompress.

The westward drive was expansive.  As Boston retreated into the distance, the world got larger.  Mountains grew all around me, and somehow the sky got bigger.  Slowly, the stresses of work and life got further away.

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