Every castle needs a team to keep it running. We’re no exception. With so many adventures to plan, heroes to teach, and questions to answer, things can get a bit hectic within these castle walls. But with the right staff we manage to maintain order and keep the fun flowing!

When you give us a call you’re greeted by a warm, friendly, and enthusiastic voice (or someone talking about goblins if you get the answering machine). We’d like to introduce you to the faces behind the phone, our two most recent additions to the Guard Up crew. Please wave hello Katie and Des…


Katie | Commander of the Desk

Hi! My name is Katie, the new Customer Service & Sales Rep, or “storycollector” in simpler terms. I joined the team in July and have soaked up every bit of what Guardian Adventures offers that I can. My day includes keeping the office organized, answering your phone calls, playing ACE games with my coworkers, and daydreaming of attending D&D Night here to finally resurrect my character Kayd, the half-cat ranger.

When not at the desk you’ll find me hiking with my cat, practicing for roller derby (derby name suggestions are welcome), or playing Borderlands 2, my new obsession. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of you already, and look forward to meeting many more!

Des | Coordinator of Adventure

Greetings! My name is Des and I hail from Wiscasset, Maine. Being a coastal girl, I am well-versed in all things ocean, and was the Educational Assistant for the Maine State Aquarium. Wondering how a lobster or shark can be beneficial to your quest? I’m your girl with the answer! I’m proud and excited to be a part of the Guard Up crew, with my fourth week starting today, and look forward to preparing our epic events and birthday adventures. If you see me in my office at The Castle be sure to pop in and say hello!

When I’m not there, I can be found cosplaying, embracing my many quirks, watching anime, or being a servant to my cat Hermione.

So there you have it folks. Welcoming faces all around! The next time you’ve got a Guardian on the phone you’ll know a bit more about their story, as we do our best to learn yours as well. Congratulations to Katie and Des on beginning a grand adventure with us…and with you.

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