This past Tuesday marked the first gameplay of a Guardian Adventures Staff Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The staff members sat around the conference table with character sheets and coffee mugs in hand, ready for an afternoon of thrills, chills, and opportunity to let their imaginations run wild. DM-ing (narrating) the initial steps into the grand adventure was our Lead Instructor, Steve, who did an incredible job of entertaining his teammates with silly voices, ridiculous characters, and a superb immersion into the magical world he had created.

Before the adventure began, the staff had their first taste of his dreamt up world when a strange invitation landed in everyone’s email inboxes…

The Invitation:


Hero/Adventurer/Wanderer of The Realm, you have been hand-selected to join us at AdventureDome!™ Where Adventurers Roam!® (A Big-Wheel Tycoon affiliate)

At AdventureDome!™ it is our goal to offer seasoned veterans and green recruits alike a space to test their mettle, relive the glory days, and enjoy some downtime in the company of fellow adventurers.

Your role, as a member of our beta-testing team, will be to ensure that our exhibits are engaging, thrilling, exciting, amazing synonyms ad nauseum, but not lethal. We host a number of can-be dangerous attractions that are carefully managed to maintain an acceptable level of perceived mayhem and chaos. No one enjoys dying on their vacation, right?

With your specific skills, we believe you will be a perfect member of the team we have selected. We will, of course, compensate you greatly for your time and expertise. At the completion of the trial (a period of 5 days, 4 nights) you will be paid 1 million gold, will become a lifetime member of Big-Wheel Tycoon industries (earning you 50% off on all Big-Wheel Tycoon products), and will be a welcome member at Adventuredome!™ for free, for life.

We will be meeting at an undisclosed location tomorrow at 10AM (universal time). If, at that time, you wish to attend, speak the words “slither me timbers” and you will be teleported. I will meet you at the entryway to the park. Be sure to only bring essentials for adventuring, all other amenities will be provided.

Looking forward to adventuring with you!

Bibble-bop Phisworthy “Little Toes” Dashington III
Head of Public Relations, Adventuredome!™
Inclusive Archways Enthusiast
Halfling (Stout)

A DND character piece sits atop an orange.

Meet The Cast:

Meghan: Liv, a monk. Liv isn’t that bright and even less charismatic but she can run away with the best of them. She’s a bit of a peacekeeping hippy type who can also throw a decent sidekick if all else fails. Highlight: I got a grappling hook that might be magical.

Katie: Tiefling Rogue. They rose from squalor to become the faceless leader of a nefarious organization. Eventually, they got word that someone was offering up a large amount of gold for a seemingly simple task and they bounded out the door. They don’t say much about themselves. If you ask them, it’s none of anyone’s business anyway. Highlight: I was the first to escape the sand trap.

Michael S: Pino The Pineapple Pal, a Druid Eladrin. He was a pineapple farmer from the tropics looking to find the secrets of superior agriculture, thus embarking on a grand adventure. Highlight: I was happy that I got to help John destroy the bulette by entangling it.

Cyrus: Grutherford The Brave, a dwarf bard from the land of Guardhendge. Originally a knight in King Gilson’s army, Rutherford left his post to seek out revenge for the inhabitants of Guardhendge, known as The Gizzards, who loathed King Gilson for his mockery of their ancient and peaceful ways of life. Highlight: I sat in one spot and did nothing for a while as the others scrambled to escape and still made it out unharmed.

Haley: Hrothgar The Valiant, a gnome barbarian. He was as a soldier for the Great King and went on many quests in his youth, but now, at 350 years old, all he wants is to do is find a place to settle down and stop adventuring. Highlight: I escaped the sand trap by climbing up the wall and surprise-attacking the bulette we were trying to defeat.

John: Tano Horisha. Tano is a monk from the Western mountains. He has trained as a warrior monk and Lawdul wanderer. He spends his time wandering the world to discover knowledge and sharpen his combat skills. Highlight: I fought the bulette and successfully defended others as I dodged its attacks and destroyed it.

Michael A: “Professor Winslow,” a warlock, also known as The Great Old One. He lived on the streets as a pickpocketing scavenger. He never achieved particularly much, until one fateful day when he found a wizard’s cloak. Among the many magical items was a small crystal ball, which seemed to speak in his mind after he picked it up, thus granting him minor magical abilities. Since that day, he’s been doing a very bad job of trying to impersonate the true Professor Winslow. He’s forgotten his own real name. Highlight: Even though I couldn’t get myself out of the sand trap, I was able to save my pet mouse.

Tune in next month for Episode II our Guardian Staff D&D! Until then, we’ll see you at our usual adventures here at The Castle. Go Go Guardians!

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