Your sword adventure birthday party is in full swing when suddenly…the room falls quiet. The lights go dim. The hair on the back of your neck stands. You look up. There, looming above you, with weapons and magic at the ready, stands a horrifying, nine-foot-tall creature. You and your party guests must now confront the stilt monster!

That was Party Master Steve on the stilts, being trained by our Art Director Marin in preparation for another hero’s birthday adventure. (DISCLAIMER: if you do not like puns, scroll past this paragraph.) He really put his best foot forward, gaining a leg up on the opposition. He’s making great strides in the field of stilting. This is one small step for Steve and one giant leap for monsters everywhere.

Guardian Adventures is here to make your birthday party the one that you’ll never forget, and if that means adding a terrible monster on stilts then that’s what we’ll do. Think you and your friends have what it takes to topple the tallest magical monster in Massachusetts? Learn more about our birthday packages and add-ons here:

Create Your Own Sword or NERF Themed Party

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